Enhance Your Spaces with Motion-Activated LED Closet Lights – Perfect for Cabinets, Hallways, and More

These lights automatically turn on when motion is detected in the dark, providing a sense of security and ensuring visibility in areas like cabinets, hallways, and even the closet.

With 120 lumens and 21 super-bright LED lights, the illumination coverage is impressive, reaching up to 26ft with a 100° detection angle. The safety and energy-saving features, along with the ease of installation, make these lights a must-have.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, these wireless lights offer flexibility in placement, sticking effortlessly with the help of double-sided stickers and built-in magnets. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark – these lights are a game-changer!

The Motion-Activated LED Closet Lights are designed to bring convenience and safety to various spaces in your home.

Perfect for closets, cabinets, hallways, attics, basements, children’s rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and garages, these lights provide the extra illumination needed for better visibility. The motion sensor ensures that the lights only activate when needed, contributing to energy savings and a longer battery life.

The installation process is a breeze with the double-sided stickers and built-in magnets, allowing you to place them anywhere you desire without the hassle of hard-wiring.

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These lights are a perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their home’s lighting without compromising on safety and ease of use.

Motion-Activated Convenience: 🚶‍♂️ The Motion-Activated LED Closet Lights offer hands-free operation, automatically turning on when motion is detected in the dark. This feature provides convenience and enhances safety, especially in areas like closets, hallways, and cabinets.

Impressive Illumination: 💡 With 120 lumens and 21 super-bright LED lights, these under-cabinet lights deliver excellent brightness and expansive illumination coverage. The lights can detect motion up to 26ft away and have a 100° detection angle, ensuring a well-lit space wherever they are installed.

Safety and Energy Saving Modes: 🌐 The wireless LED lights come with three modes to suit different needs, providing users with a convenient and safe lighting solution. The lights are powered by three AA dry batteries (package not included), emphasizing both safety and energy efficiency.

Easy Installation and Removal: 🔧 Installation is a breeze with the Motion-Activated LED Closet Lights. The lights can be easily attached using the provided double-sided stickers or the built-in magnets. This versatility allows users to install and remove the lights effortlessly, making them a practical choice for various spaces.

Premium Build: 🏡 Crafted from premium ABS+PC materials, these closet lights are durable and designed to last. The quality build ensures that they withstand daily use in different environments, providing reliable and long-lasting illumination where needed.

Versatile Usage: 🌈 Suitable for a wide range of spaces, including closets, cabinets, hallways, attics, basements, children’s rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and garages. The Motion-Activated LED Closet Lights are versatile and can be placed wherever additional light is required.

Darkness-Sensitive Activation: 🌙 These lights are designed to turn on only in darkness, ensuring that they won’t activate in well-lit environments. The built-in light sensor prevents unnecessary use during daylight hours, contributing to energy efficiency.

Wireless Flexibility: 📡 Powered by three AA batteries (not included), these lights offer a wireless lighting solution. The absence of cords and the flexibility of battery power make them easy to place in any location without the constraints of power outlets.

Feature Specification
Motion Activation Yes
Lumens 120
LED Lights 21
Detection Range Up to 26ft
Detection Angle 100°
Power Source 3 AA batteries (not included)
Modes 3 (Motion-activated, Off, On)
Build Material Premium ABS+PC
Installation Double-sided stickers, built-in magnets

Providing motion-activated convenience, impressive illumination, and versatile usage, these lights are a practical and stylish solution for various spaces.

With safety and energy-saving modes, easy installation, and a premium build, they are designed to enhance your living spaces with efficiency and ease. Illuminate your closets, cabinets, and hallways effortlessly with these wireless LED lights – a smart choice for those seeking reliable, motion-activated lighting!