4-Pack COB Closet Lights – Perfect for Wardrobe, Camping, Kitchen, and More!

The easy installation, versatility, and battery-operated convenience make them an ideal solution for quick and efficient lighting needs.

Whether it’s finding clothes in the closet, navigating the attic, or enjoying a night reading session, these lights are a must-have for every home.

COB Closet Lights are the perfect lighting solution for various areas throughout the house. Use them in the closet for easy clothing selection, on stairs for added safety, in the kitchen for convenient task lighting, or even in the garage and attic for improved visibility.

The 3M adhesive metal plate and magnetic base allow for easy mounting on any flat surface, providing flexibility in placement. Whether it’s blackout conditions or nighttime use, these lights are a reliable and versatile source of illumination.

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Dual COB LED Panels: Each switch features 2 COB LED panels, providing ample brightness for wardrobe, camping, kitchen, garage, attic, and nighttime reading. Illuminate your surroundings with ease! 💡

Easy Installation: The lights come with a 3M adhesive metal plate and a magnetic base, making installation a breeze. Attach them to any flat surface horizontally or vertically, and easily detach for use in another location. Operated with 4 AAA batteries (not included), ensuring a hassle-free setup. 🛠️

Versatile Mounting Options: Mount these lights anywhere in the house – from the closet and stairs to the wardrobe, cabinet, attics, and garages. Their flexibility allows you to customize lighting solutions for various spaces. 🏡

Pack of 4 COB Lights: This package includes four COB closet lights, providing comprehensive coverage for different areas in your home. The set comes with installation screws and a user manual for quick and efficient setup. 🔧

Battery Operated Convenience: Powered by 4 AAA batteries, these lights offer a wireless and portable lighting solution. No need for complicated wiring, making them ideal for DIY projects, sheds, RVs, and more. 🔋

Tap, Touch, Push Night Lights: The user-friendly design allows for easy activation with tap, touch, or push motions. Adjust the lighting to suit your needs effortlessly, providing a hassle-free and intuitive experience. 👆

Wall Wireless Mount: The wireless design ensures that these lights can be mounted on walls without the constraints of cords or cables. Enjoy the freedom of convenient wall-mounted lighting solutions in any room. 🚀

DIY Lighting Solution: Whether you’re enhancing your closet, shed, kitchen, or garage, these lights provide a cost-effective and DIY-friendly solution. Add a touch of brightness to every corner of your home! ✨

Feature Details
COB LED Panels 2 on each switch
Installation 3M Adhesive Metal Plate, Magnetic Base
Mounting Options Horizontal or Vertical on Any Flat Surface
Pack 4 COB Closet Lights
Battery 4 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Versatility Closet, Stairs, Wardrobe, Cabinet, Attics, Garages
User-Friendly Design Tap, Touch, Push Night Lights
Wireless Mount Wall Mount, No Cords or Cables