Illuminate Your Nights: 12V 40W RGB Color Changing Pool Light – Where Splendid Colors Meet Energy Savings

The upgrade to LED technology not only offers an astounding 80% energy saving but also transforms my pool into a dazzling spectacle of vibrant colors. With 16 different color modes, including fixed colors and dynamic light shows, every poolside gathering becomes a lively celebration.

The easy installation and convenient remote control make it a hassle-free addition to any pool, creating an enchanting ambiance. Say goodbye to ordinary pool nights and welcome the extraordinary with this fantastic pool light!

12V 40W RGB Color Changing Pool Light is designed to elevate your pool experience, turning it into a mesmerizing oasis of light and color. Perfect for evening pool parties or quiet nights by the water, this pool light delivers not only superior brightness but also incredible energy savings.

Its compatibility with popular pool light fixtures like Pentair Amerlite and Hayward Astrolite ensures a seamless upgrade to vibrant LED technology.🏊

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Whether controlled by the switch or the remote, the variety of colors and light modes make every poolside moment memorable. Unleash the magic of colorful illumination with this easy-to-install pool light.

Super Bright and Energy-Saving: 🌟 The 12V 40W RGB Color Changing Pool Light is a powerhouse, providing five times the brightness of incandescent lamps. What’s even more impressive is its ability to save 80% on energy bills, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for pool owners.

Vibrant Multi-Colors Combination: 🎨 Dive into a world of color with 16 different color modes, including seven fixed colors and nine dynamic light shows. From tranquil blues to energetic reds, the pool light creates a captivating atmosphere, making your pool the go-to spot for every gathering.

Easy Installation: 🔧 No need for complicated installations; the standard medium base E26 can be effortlessly screwed in. Clear instructions provided on the product box ensure a quick setup, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant lighting effects in no time.

Remote Control Convenience: 🎛️ Take charge of the ambiance with the included remote control. Easily switch between colors and light modes at the touch of a button. Note that the pool light’s installation position and metal device may affect the remote signal, ensuring you get optimal control.

12V Input Voltage: ⚡ Ensure compatibility before use; this pool light operates on a 12V input voltage. Please double-check that your pool/spa light system is compatible, as it cannot be installed in a 120V system.

Feature Specification
Brightness 5x brightness of incandescent lamps
Energy Saving 80% savings on electricity bills
Color Modes 16 modes (7 fixed colors, 9 dynamic light shows)
Installation Standard medium base E26, easy to install
Remote Control Included, with 23A batteries
Input Voltage 12V
Compatibility Suitable for Pentair Amerlite, Hayward Astrolite, and more

Pool nights and save on energy costs with the 12V 40W RGB Color Changing Pool Light. Its brilliant colors, energy-efficient design, and user-friendly features make it a must-have for pool enthusiasts.

Transform your pool into a radiant masterpiece effortlessly and let every night be a celebration of light and color. Upgrade your pool experience with this remarkable pool light!