100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger – Portable Solar Power with Kickstand for Outdoor Adventures and Camping

As an avid camper, the Rockpals RP082 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures. The high conversion efficiency, combined with the convenience of the kickstand and foldable design, makes it a must-have for any camping enthusiast.

The ability to charge my devices four times faster with QC 3.0 and USB-C outputs ensures I stay connected in the wilderness. It’s durable, water-resistant, and the upgraded version is compatible with various solar generators, making it the perfect companion for off-grid living. A reliable and efficient source of portable power for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The Rockpals RP082 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger is best used for harnessing solar power on-the-go during outdoor activities and camping. The high conversion efficiency of up to 23.5% ensures it captures maximum sunlight, making it ideal for recharging smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

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Its portable and foldable design, complete with a kickstand, allows for easy transportation, and the kickstand adjustment provides 25% more sunlight exposure.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or on a picnic, this solar panel is your reliable source of power. Additionally, its compatibility with various solar generators makes it an excellent choice for off-grid power needs.

High Conversion Efficiency: Elevate your outdoor experience with the Rockpals RP082 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger, boasting a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.5%. In challenging sunlight conditions, this solar panel generates more power than traditional panels, ensuring a reliable source of energy for all your outdoor adventures.

Four Times Faster Charging: With 1* USB QC 3.0 and 1* USB C Output (5V/9V/12V, 3.4A max), the Rockpals 100W solar panel provides four times faster charging for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Stay connected and powered up efficiently, even in remote locations.

Portable and Foldable Design: Convenience meets portability with the Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel. Its foldable design with a built-in handle makes it easy to carry wherever your outdoor adventures take you. Adjust the kickstand for optimal sunlight exposure, ensuring you have a compact and efficient power solution on hand.

Water-Resistant and Durable: Crafted from durable Oxford fabric, the Rockpals RP082 is water-resistant, built to endure all weather conditions. Ideal for camping, hiking, mountaineering, or picnics, this solar panel is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, providing a dependable power source.

Upgraded Version for Solar Generators: The Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel is an upgraded version designed to be compatible with various solar generators on the market. Whether you have a Jackery Explorer or a Rockpals power station, this solar panel ensures seamless compatibility, expanding your off-grid power options.

Parallel Connection for More Power: Need extra power? The Rockpals RP082 can be connected in parallel with a simple parallel cable, allowing you to connect two identical panels and generate even more power. This feature is perfect for those who require additional energy for their camping or off-grid power needs.

Convenient On-The-Go Charging: For those on-the-go moments during outdoor activities, the Rockpals 100W solar panel is your best companion. Charge your ROCKPALS power station effortlessly, ensuring you have a continuous and reliable power source for your devices, lights, and other camping essentials.

Versatile Compatibility: The Rockpals RP082 is designed with versatility in mind. The Anderson connector is perfect for Jackery Explorer 1000, the 5.5*2.1mm DC for ROCKPALS power stations, and the 8mm DC for Jackery Explorer. Embrace the flexibility to power up various devices with ease.

Feature Specification
Conversion Efficiency Up to 23.5%
Charging Outputs 1* USB QC 3.0, 1* USB C (5V/9V/12V, 3.4A max)
Design Foldable with Kickstand
Dimensions 13.5 x 8.5 x 9.0 inches
Material Durable Oxford Fabric
Compatibility Anderson Connector, 5.5*2.1mm DC, 8mm DC