Efficient 60W Foldable Solar Panel with Advanced PWM Charge Control

Introducing the Foldable 60W Solar Panel, the ultimate solution for harnessing the power of the sun and keeping your batteries charged, whether you’re on the road or off the grid. Here’s why this solar panel is a must-have:

Efficient Solar Power: With high-quality PET and Poly Silicon Cells, this solar panel is designed to capture and convert sunlight into efficient and eco-friendly energy. Say goodbye to relying solely on conventional power sources.

Portable & Foldable Design: Its foldable design makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you’re camping, hiking, traveling, or enjoying outdoor activities, you can take this solar panel with you and charge your devices with the power of the sun.

Auto Voltage Recognition: The 12V/24V auto voltage recognition feature ensures that this solar panel can charge a variety of battery types effectively. It adapts to your specific power needs, making it a versatile choice for different devices and setups.

PWM Charge Control: Thanks to the advanced 4-stage PWM charge control system, you can trust this solar panel to optimize the charging process for your batteries. It ensures a safe and efficient charge, prolonging the life of your batteries.

Battery Regulator: This solar panel comes equipped with a battery regulator, adding an extra layer of protection and control to your charging process. It safeguards your batteries from overcharging and over-discharging, ensuring their longevity.

Environmental Sustainability: By harnessing the power of the sun, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment. This solar panel is an eco-conscious choice for those who care about the planet.

Off-Grid Freedom: With this solar panel, you’re not tied down to traditional power sources. It empowers you to live off the grid, allowing you to explore remote locations, camp in nature, or simply have a backup power source in case of emergencies.

Invest in sustainable energy solutions and enjoy the convenience of charging your batteries with the Foldable 60W Solar Panel. It’s not just a solar panel; it’s a step toward a greener future and a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Versatile Charging: Whether you have a small electronic device, a boat, an RV, or other battery-powered equipment, this solar panel provides a versatile and reliable charging solution. It’s perfect for all your 12V and 24V battery needs.

Easy Setup: Setting up this solar panel is a breeze. Its user-friendly design means you can start harnessing solar power quickly, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Power Where You Need It: Enjoy the freedom of having power wherever you need it. Whether you’re charging your gadgets during a camping trip or ensuring your boat’s battery stays topped up, this solar panel has you covered.

Embrace Solar Energy: Join the eco-conscious movement and embrace the clean and renewable energy of the sun. Make the smart choice for your power needs with the Foldable 60W Solar Panel.

This product adopts a new conversion technique to double the working present of photo voltaic output with the identical space and energy.
The two-way voltage output of photo voltaic power is divided into 18V & 9Vor 12V & 6V by shifting gears. Below the identical space of energy, the output present of the photo voltaic panel doubles, making it potential to cost automobiles, cellular telephones, computer systems, and batteries in the identical setting. Elevated effectivity and doubled the charging velocity.
The product is versatile and foldable, and it can be hooked up to a clean floor with a sure amplitude. (such as the automotive roof.)

Materials: PET+Poly silicon cell
Waterproof score: IP65
Photo voltaic power conversion charge: 20%
Pmax: 60W
Vpmax: 18V/12V/9V/6V
Dimension: about 440x200x2.5mm/17.32*7.87*0.10inch
Max photo voltaic enter:
12V battery, the highest 23V
24V battery when the highest 46V
Equalization: 14.4V/14.2V/14.6V
Float cost: 18V/12V/9V/6V/5V (defaul, adjustable)
USB Output voltage:
DC output: 18V 2.81A
USB output: 5V 2.8A (max)
TYPE-C output: 5v 2.8A
Shade: black

10A Controller:
1. Construct-in industrial micro controller.
2. Absolutely 4-stage PWM cost administration.
3. One-key setting,digital show, auto reminiscence perform.
4. Twin mosfet reverse present protections, low warmth productions.
5. Construct-in short-circuit protections, open-circuit protections, reverse protections, over-load protections.

Mannequin: PWM
Buck cost: 18.8V
Float cost: 17.4V
USB output: 5V/3A
Self-consume: <10mA
Discharge cease: 11.4V
Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Max photo voltaic enter: <30V
Present: 10A
Discharge reconnect: 10.2V
Output voltage: 12V/24V Mechanically distinguish voltage

1. Put the photo voltaic panel battery going through the solar, and the LED indicator of the output field turns pink. Then the photo voltaic panel begins to work. USB outlet output 5.2vDcvoltage, DC round outlet output 18v direct charging voltage, (When you have to flip to block swap,H blocking DC output voltage 12v& 18V-L blocking DC output voltage of 6v& 9V.
2. This product is not really helpful to cost the cellular telephone immediately. It ought to be used collectively with the charging financial institution, which can be used to cost the cellular telephone, pill pc and different digital merchandise.
3. Join with the battery, join the DC alligator clamp with the output DC voltage of 18v(20V when no load). Word: the constructive and adverse crocodile clips ought to not be linked or touched in use, which could trigger short-line heating or burning
Word: if the product is supplied with a controller, it have to be linked to the battery to work. In any other case, the management will not be displayed and doesn’t work heat tins.

Packing Checklist:
1 x Foldable 60W Photo voltaic Panel with Equipment
1 x Photo voltaic Panels Battery Cost Controller

1 x Person Guide

Efficient 60W Foldable Solar Panel with Advanced PWM Charge Control