400W Flexible Solar Panel Kit – Power Your Adventures Anywhere


Unleash the power of the sun with our 400W Flexible Solar Panel Kit! This versatile solar module kit includes two 200W monocrystalline solar panels, making it the perfect portable solar battery charger. It comes equipped with a 40A controller, ensuring efficient power generation. Whether you’re on the road in your car, RV, caravan, camper, or even want to set up a solar system at home, this kit has you covered.

☀️ Solar-Powered Adventures: Take your adventures to the next level with this powerful 400W solar panel kit. Harness the sun’s energy and charge your vehicle, boat, RV, or home with ease.

🌟 Lightweight & Easy Installation: These solar panels are designed for your convenience. They are incredibly lightweight and easy to install, making them suitable for various applications.

Prime quality monocrystalline photo voltaic cell, coated by excessive reflection fee ETFE layer, Excessive effectivity, conversion fee 21-23%

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🚗 Charge Any Vehicle: This kit is compatible with most batteries on the market, making it versatile for charging your car, boat, or RV, regardless of the brand.

🌞 Flexible Solar Panels: Our solar panels are highly flexible, allowing them to be bent up to 30 degrees. This flexibility makes them perfect for off-grid applications, including rooftop installations, RVs, boats, and curved surfaces.

🏡 Home Solar System: Not limited to vehicles, this solar kit is also ideal for setting up a home solar system. Embrace eco-friendly energy and reduce your electricity bills.

🌎 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable: By harnessing solar power, you’re contributing to a more sustainable planet. Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the convenience of portable solar energy.

💪 High Efficiency: The monocrystalline solar panels deliver high efficiency, ensuring maximum power generation from the available sunlight.

🌦️ All-Weather Performance: These panels are designed to withstand various weather conditions. They work efficiently even on cloudy days, providing consistent power.

🛠️ Low Maintenance: Once installed, these solar panels are low maintenance, offering a hassle-free way to access renewable energy for years to come.

In summary, 400W Flexible Solar Panel Kit is your gateway to solar-powered adventures. From charging your vehicles to setting up a home solar system, these lightweight and flexible panels are easy to install and maintain. Enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly, sustainable energy wherever your adventures take you. Get ready to embrace the power of the sun! ☀️🌟

Design with 6 holes on panel, may be repair on completely different sorts of floor, higher compatibility.

Waterproof layer and wire field, no fear about unhealthy climate whereas utilizing it outside. Excessive stability, good sturdiness.