LED Puck Lights – 6 Pack Wireless Color-Changing Lights with Remote Control

Enhance the ambiance of any room with BLS LED Puck Lights, a set of 6 color-changing lights operated by remote control. Ideal for kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, hallways, and more, these battery-powered lights offer adjustable brightness and 13 color options.

Whether creating a warm white glow or cycling through a rainbow of colors, users can easily customize their lighting experience.

With easy installation and a long-lasting battery life, BLS LED Puck Lights are the perfect solution for adding vibrant illumination to your living spaces.

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One remarkable feature of BLS LED Puck Lights is the adjustable brightness, reaching a maximum of 40 Lumens. The remote control allows users to fine-tune the light output with the “-” and “+” buttons, ensuring the perfect level of brightness for any occasion.

Additionally, the lights offer two elegant color-changing modes: Smooth, cycling through 12 preset colors, and Fade, gradually changing the brightness of a single color. This versatility makes BLS LED Puck Lights a dynamic and mood-enhancing lighting solution.

Illuminate your spaces effortlessly with BLS LED Puck Lights – a game-changer for under-cabinet lighting! 💡 Experience the convenience of 6 color-changing lights, adjustable brightness, and remote control operation. Transform your kitchen, wardrobe, or staircase with these battery-powered wonders.

Elevate your home lighting with BLS LED Puck Lights – a versatile and vibrant addition to any space! ✨ Enhance your living room or bathroom with 13 color options and adjustable brightness. The two elegant color-changing modes add a touch of sophistication to your lighting experience.

Why settle for ordinary lighting when you can have extraordinary? Introducing BLS LED Puck Lights – the perfect blend of style and functionality! 🌈 Illuminate your baby’s room or hallway with these wireless lights, providing a customizable and vibrant atmosphere. The long-lasting battery life ensures reliability for extended use.

Transform your living spaces with BLS LED Puck Lights – the epitome of modern illumination! 💫 Discover the ease of installation with 3M adhesive tapes or screws, making these lights suitable for various applications. The adjustable brightness and color-changing modes add a layer of versatility to your under-cabinet or closet lighting.

Brighten up your home with BLS LED Puck Lights – where color meets convenience! 🌟 Experience the freedom to control the lights at a distance of up to 20 feet with the included remote. The energy-saving timer function and long-lasting battery life make these lights an ideal solution for any room.

Illuminate with confidence using BLS LED Puck Lights – a statement piece for your home! 🌈 Enhance your bookshelf or showcase with these battery-operated lights, creating a visually stunning display. The easy-to-use remote control and color-changing options add a creative touch to your decor.

Say goodbye to dark corners with BLS LED Puck Lights – a must-have for any room! 💡 Transform your cabinet or hallway with easy installation using adhesive tapes or screws. The 6-pack configuration ensures ample lighting, and the dimmer and timer functions provide ultimate control.

Elevate your lighting game with BLS LED Puck Lights – the perfect solution for dynamic illumination! ✨ Illuminate your bedroom or covered patio with these wireless wonders. The 12-month warranty and lifetime tech support guarantee peace of mind, making these lights a reliable choice for your home.

Q&A: Q: Can I adjust the brightness of the BLS LED Puck Lights? A: Absolutely! Use the remote control’s “-” and “+” buttons to fine-tune the brightness, reaching a maximum of 40 Lumens.

Q: How do I set the color-changing modes on the lights? A: The lights offer two elegant color-changing modes: Smooth, cycling through 12 preset colors, and Fade, gradually changing the brightness of a single color. Use the remote control to select your desired mode.

Q: What is the battery life of the BLS LED Puck Lights? A: The lights are powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and can last up to 100 hours at moderate brightness, providing a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution.

Feature Specification
Lights 6 color-changing LED puck lights
Brightness Adjustable, up to 40 Lumens
Color Options 13 (including warm white)
Color-Changing Modes Smooth and Fade
Timer Function 30 or 60 minutes
Remote Control Range Up to 20 feet
Installation 3M adhesive tapes or screws
Battery Requirement 3 AA batteries per light (Not Included)
Usage Kitchen, cabinet, wardrobe, stairs, hallway, etc.
Warranty 12 months with lifetime tech support