Wireless Motion Sensor Light – Battery Operated LED Illumination for Indoor Spaces

As a delighted user of the Yurnero Wireless Motion Sensor Light, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for brightening up dark corners of my home. The sleek and modern design blends seamlessly into any space, while the wireless and battery-operated features make it a hassle-free lighting solution. Powered by D-cell alkaline batteries (not included), this light delivers an impressive 300 lumens, illuminating areas up to 180 sqft.

The built-in PIR infrared motion detector ensures it activates when needed, making it perfect for stairs, hallways, basements, and closets. With easy installation and an extended battery life of up to 6 months, this motion sensor light is a must-have for anyone seeking convenience and efficiency in home lighting.

The Yurnero Wireless Motion Sensor Light is best used in various indoor spaces where convenient and efficient lighting is essential. Whether you’re navigating a dark hallway, searching through a closet, or needing illumination in the basement or bathroom, this battery-operated LED light is the perfect solution.

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The built-in PIR infrared motion detector ensures it activates seamlessly when motion is detected, providing instant brightness. Its night-only activation mode prevents unnecessary daytime lighting, conserving battery life.

With easy installation that requires no wiring, this motion sensor light is a versatile and practical addition to any home, offering a reliable and energy-efficient lighting solution.

💡 Brighten Any Space: The Yurnero Wireless Motion Sensor Light is designed to bring brightness to any area of your home. With 300 lumens of vibrant LED illumination, this battery-operated light is perfect for closets, basements, hallways, bathrooms, and more. Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to a well-lit, inviting home.

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery Life: Powered by 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included), this motion sensor light boasts an impressive battery life of up to 6 months. With an average use of 8-10 activations per day, you can enjoy extended periods of bright and reliable lighting without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.

🚶 Motion-Activated Convenience: The built-in PIR infrared motion detector ensures that the light activates when it detects motion from up to 18ft away in dark environments. Say goodbye to fumbling for light switches—this motion sensor light provides instant illumination as you move through your home.

🌙 Night-Only Activation: To conserve battery life, the Yurnero Motion Sensor Light operates in night-only mode. It intelligently avoids unnecessary daytime activation, ensuring that the light only turns on when needed in low-light conditions. This feature enhances energy efficiency and prolongs battery life.

🏡 Versatile Installation: Enjoy the freedom of wire-free installation with the Yurnero Motion Sensor Light. No need for complicated wiring—simply install it in less than 5 minutes and experience the convenience of motion-activated lighting in various indoor spaces.

🌐 Wireless and Portable: The wireless design of this motion sensor light allows for easy portability and placement anywhere in your home. Move it from one room to another effortlessly, providing instant illumination wherever you need it without the constraints of wired installations.

Auto Shut-Off: Designed for efficiency, this motion sensor light automatically shuts off after 15 seconds of no motion detection. The combination of motion activation and auto shut-off ensures that the light is only on when necessary, contributing to an extended battery life and reduced energy consumption.

🌈 Sleek and Modern Design: The Yurnero Motion Sensor Light not only provides practicality but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your home. The sleek design seamlessly integrates into any decor, offering a stylish lighting solution that complements your interior aesthetics.

Feature Specification
Power Source 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (Not Included)
Brightness 300 Lumens
Motion Detection Range Up to 18ft
Activation Mode Night-Only
Battery Life Up to 6 months with average use
Auto Shut-Off 15 seconds after no motion detected
Installation Wire-Free, Less than 5 minutes
Usage Area Indoor Spaces – Closets, Hallways, Bathrooms, etc.
Design Sleek and Modern