Any Dark Corner with 2-Light LED Industrial Battery Operated Wall Lights – Perfect for Any Room, Powered by Remote Control

As a homeowner seeking a hassle-free lighting solution, the 2-Light LED Industrial Battery Operated Wall Lights have exceeded my expectations.

The pack includes both bulbs and a convenient remote control, providing a wireless and battery-operated lighting option. This versatile indoor lighting solution is not only safe to use with no wiring requirements but also allows for precise brightness control.

Whether I’m in need of a cozy reading nook or want to enhance the ambiance in my living room, these wall lights with a Retro Industrial design fit seamlessly into any space.

The added bonus of a timer function adds convenience to my daily routine, making these wall sconces an invaluable addition to my home.

Where there’s no power source or wiring, the 2-Light LED Industrial Battery Operated Wall Lights step in to illuminate your spaces effortlessly. Designed with a charming Retro Industrial style, these wall sconces are perfect for creating a warm and ambient glow in various settings.

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Whether installed in bedrooms for reading, living rooms, offices, vanity areas, bathrooms, hallways, or closets, these lights offer a smart and practical lighting solution.

The battery-operated design, coupled with a remote control, ensures ease of use and flexibility, making them a smart choice for any area where a power source is inaccessible or during power outages.

Installation is a breeze, providing an instant lighting upgrade without the need for wiring or professional assistance.

Battery-Operated Convenience: 🌟 The 2-Light LED Industrial Wall Lights offer a battery-operated solution, eliminating the need for wiring and providing the flexibility to light up areas without a power supply. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), these lights are convenient and easy to maintain.

Remote Control Brightness: 💡 The included remote control allows users to precisely select the desired brightness level. With options for 50%, 100%, or customizable brightness, users can tailor the lighting to suit their preferences and needs.

Retro Industrial Design: 🏭 The wall sconces feature a stylish Retro Industrial design, making them an ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, hallways, and more. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space with this classic and timeless design.

Versatile Installation: 🛠️ Installation is made simple with the option to mount these lights on the ceiling or wall. No wiring is required, and the package includes all necessary screws. The versatility in installation makes these sconces a practical choice for various settings.

Optional Timer Function: ⏰ Users can benefit from the optional timer function, allowing the lights to automatically turn off after 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. This feature adds a layer of convenience, especially for those who want to save energy or use the lights as a temporary solution.

Ambient and Warm Glow: 🌈 With 55 lumens of brightness, these wall lights create a warm and ambient glow in your home. Perfect for various settings, including the bar, kitchen, loft, dining room, study, bedroom, and more, they serve both as functional lighting and stylish decor.

Smart and Practical Choice: 🌐 The 2-Light LED Industrial Wall Lights prove to be a smart choice, especially during power outages. Their wireless design and battery operation ensure that you have a reliable lighting source when needed, making them invaluable for emergency situations.

Easy Installation: 🔧 The installation process is straightforward and is clearly illustrated in the provided instructions. Whether you choose to install these lights on the ceiling or wall, the included screws and user-friendly design make the process hassle-free.

Feature Specification
Power Source Battery-operated (3 AAA batteries, not included)
Remote Control Yes
Brightness Levels 50%, 100%, Customizable
Design Retro Industrial
Installation Ceiling or wall mount, no wiring required
Timer Function 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes
Brightness 55 lumens
Use Cases Bedroom, living room, office, bathroom, hallway, closet, etc.
Convenience Wireless, easy installation, remote control

Enhance your home’s lighting with the 2-Light LED Industrial Battery Operated Wall Lights – a stylish and convenient solution for any space.

With a Retro Industrial design, precise brightness control, and battery-operated convenience, these wall sconces offer a versatile lighting solution for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more.

The included remote control, optional timer function, and easy installation make them a practical choice for both everyday use and emergency situations.