Adjustable Square Head Emergency LED Light – 2 Pack, Battery-Powered White Emergency Lights with High Illumination for Long-Lasting Safety

Illuminate your surroundings during unexpected power outages with the Adjustable Square Head Emergency LED Light. This pack of two battery-powered emergency lights offers high illumination, providing a reliable source of brightness for 90 minutes during emergencies.

The adjustable square heads, equipped with 24 ultra-bright SMD LEDs each, ensure that every corner is well-lit. Ideal for various applications, this emergency light is quick to assemble, making it a perfect addition to homes, offices, and commercial spaces. 💡🚨

One remarkable feature of this emergency light is its rotating heads, allowing for a 180 or 360-degree adjustment. This flexibility ensures that the light can be directed precisely where it’s needed, providing optimal visibility in any emergency situation. 🔄🔦

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Extended Lifetime and Illumination: The Adjustable Square Head Emergency LED Light guarantees an impressive 50,000 hours of lifetime, ensuring long-term reliability. With a battery backup that can be recharged up to 300 times, each full charge provides 90 minutes of emergency operation. The adjustable square heads, boasting 24 ultra-bright SMD LEDs each, deliver high illumination, illuminating every nook and cranny during power outages. Invest in a product that offers durability and prolonged functionality. 🕰️💪

Uncompromised Quality: Quality is paramount, and this emergency light lives up to that promise. Constructed with THERMOPLASTIC ABS HOUSING material, it remains resilient even after extended use, ensuring the robustness of every structure during installation. The meticulously tested button guarantees that the light will automatically illuminate during a power failure, providing peace of mind when it’s needed most. Choose a high-quality emergency light that stands the test of time. 🏗️🔒

Effortless Assembly in Minutes: Installing emergency lighting has never been easier. Suitable for wall-mount applications, the lights feature snap-fit covers with captive mounting screws, making assembly a breeze. The innovative design incorporates line-latched electronic circuitry, ensuring easy and economical installation. The fully sealed, long-life, maintenance-free lead calcium battery makes this emergency light ideal for various applications. Enjoy peace of mind with a quick and straightforward assembly process. 🧩⚙️

About SPECTSUN: With a foundation dating back to 1990, SPECTSUN is a trusted name in the development, manufacturing, sale, and service of lighting and electrical products worldwide. Their commitment to cutting-edge technologies ensures top-notch product design and manufacturing processes. This emergency light from SPECTSUN, backed by a 5-year warranty, reflects their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Join millions who trust SPECTSUN’s electrical products annually. 🌍🌟

Q: How long does the battery last during emergency operation?

A: Each full charge provides 90 minutes of emergency operation, and the battery can be recharged up to 300 times.

Q: Can the heads of the emergency light be adjusted?

A: Yes, the heads are adjustable, offering a 180 or 360-degree rotation for precise illumination where needed.

Q: What is the material used in the construction of this emergency light?

A: The emergency light is constructed with THERMOPLASTIC ABS HOUSING material, ensuring durability and resilience.