519Wh Solar Generator with 120W Solar Panel: Your Ultimate Outdoor Power Solution

As a thrilled user of the PAXCESS Solar Generator and 120W Solar Panel combo, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.

With a powerful 519Wh lithium-ion battery and multiple charging options, it effortlessly charges essential devices like iPhones, iPads, laptops, and even mini car fridges.

The 120W Solar Panel, equipped with kickstand, provides 2X faster charging and is perfect for camping, RV trips, and unexpected power outages. Safety is paramount with PAXCESS, backed by a battery management system (BMS) designed by experts. Enjoy peace of mind and limitless power on the go!

Solar Generator with 120W Solar Panel is the ultimate power solution for various scenarios. Ideal for RV camping, road trips, and emergencies like hurricanes, it ensures uninterrupted power for your devices.

With the ability to power up to 8 devices simultaneously, including laptops, CPAP machines, and mini car fridges, it’s your reliable companion in any outdoor adventure.

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The 120W Solar Panel with a kickstand maximizes sunlight exposure, making it perfect for creating a portable solar generator system for road trips, camping, and emergency backup.

Powerful Outdoor Companion: The ROCKMAN 500W Portable Generator by PAXCESS is a powerhouse equipped with a 519Wh lithium-ion battery. With the ability to charge iPhones 53 times, iPads 18 times, and even a 12” MacBook 10 times, it’s perfect for RV camping, road trips, and emergencies like power outages during hurricanes. 🌐

Versatile Charging Options: PAXCESS ensures your devices stay powered with multiple outlet options, including pure sine wave 110V AC outlets, a car port, DC ports, USB ports, and a USB-C PD output. Power up to 8 devices simultaneously with a maximum output of 600W. 🔄

Steady and Uninterruptible Power: With 12V regulated power and 110V pure sine wave, this portable power supply ensures your appliances run at peak performance for an extended time. Experience steady and uninterruptible power during any emergency, preventing device shutdowns due to low battery levels. ⚡

Flexible Recharging Options: The ROCKMAN generator offers multiple recharging methods, including solar (compatible with 60W, 100W, or 120W solar panels sold separately), AC wall outlet, USB-C 30W PD input, and car port recharging. Choose the most convenient method for your situation. ☀️

Safety First: Crafted by experienced battery specialists, PAXCESS prioritizes safety with a Battery Management System (BMS). This system ensures short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control, and advanced safety operations. Enjoy outdoor adventures with peace of mind. 🛡️

Efficient Solar Panel: The upgraded 120W Portable Solar Panel by PAXCESS offers one of the highest charging efficiencies in the market. With high conversion efficiency up to 23%, it’s a perfect companion for PAXCESS ROCKMAN generators and other portable power stations. 🌞

2X Faster Charging: Equipped with USB QC 3.0 and Type C outputs, the 120W Solar Panel provides 2X faster charging for smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, and more. Stay connected and powered up, even during unexpected power outages. ⚡

Solar Panel with Kickstand: The PAXCESS 120W Solar Panel is designed for portability and maximum sunlight exposure. The kickstand allows for easy adjustment, capturing up to 25% more sunlight than flat laying panels. It’s your go-to solution for off-grid adventures and emergency backup. 🏕️

Feature Specification
Battery Capacity 519Wh (140400mAh)
Output Ports 1 Pure Sine Wave 110V AC (500W Rated, 750W Peak), 1 Car Port (12V/10A, 120W Max), 2 DC Ports (12V/5A, 60W Max), 2 USB (5V/3.1A), 1 QC 3.0 USB (5-9V, 18W Max), 1 USB-C PD (20V, 30W Max)
Charging Options Solar (60W, 100W, 120W panels sold separately), AC Wall Outlet, USB-C 30W PD Input, Car Port Recharging
Safety Features Battery Management System (BMS)
Solar Panel Efficiency Up to 23%
Charging Speed 2X Faster Charging (USB QC 3.0, Type C)
Solar Panel Design Portable and Foldable with Kickstand