1000W Portable Solar Generator – Peak 2000W, 1010Wh Lithium Battery, Ideal for Camping, Home Backup, and CPAP

1000W Portable Solar Generator is a game-changer for my outdoor experiences! Its advanced battery management system ensures longer cycle-life, and the high voltage battery pack efficiently transfers power. With a massive 1010Wh capacity, it provides extended power supply for various devices.

The easy charging options, smoke-free operation, and versatile functionality make it a must-have for camping, home backup during outages, and even as a CPAP power source. Lightweight and packed with features, it’s a reliable companion for all my power needs.

Unleash the power of the sun with the 1000W Portable Solar Generator, designed for versatile use in camping, home backup, and CPAP power supply. Its advanced battery management system ensures longevity, and the high-capacity lithium battery pack delivers a whopping 1010Wh of power.

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Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, dealing with home outages, or ensuring a continuous power source for your CPAP machine, this generator is the ideal companion.

With easy charging options, a lightweight design, and a multitude of ports, it empowers your adventures and keeps your essential devices running.

Advanced Battery Management: The 1000W Portable Solar Generator features an advanced battery management system with balancing technology, ensuring a longer cycle-life for the battery pack. The high voltage battery pack (25.9v/39Ah) is designed for efficient power transfer, providing a reliable and stable source of energy for various devices. ⚡🔋

High-Capacity Power Station: With a substantial 1010Wh capacity (273,000mAh/3.7V), this power station offers a large reservoir of power for extended use. Equipped with 2 AC outlets, 2 DC ports, and 4 USB ports, it’s perfect for home backup, camping, or any outdoor adventure where reliable power is essential. 🏡🏕️

Easy and Efficient Charging: Charging the solar generator is a breeze. Utilize the lithium battery pack’s smoke-free, quiet, and eco-friendly operation. The generator can be charged directly from a wall socket or a solar panel (not included) with a charging range of 32V45V, 8.0A (MAX). A full charge takes only 5.57 hours when plugged into a wall socket, providing quick and efficient power supply. ☀️🔌

Multi-Functional Power Station: This portable generator serves multiple purposes, making it a versatile power solution. Whether camping, traveling, dealing with CPAP power needs, or facing home outages, it covers it all. The OLED screen displays charging/discharging and battery life status, while the generator works seamlessly with laptops, phones, drones, car fridges, cameras, coffee machines, and more. Weighing only 25.4lbs, it’s a powerhouse with 2 AC outlets, 2 DC ports, and 4 USB ports. 🌐🔧

Ideal for Outdoor Adventures: Weighing just 25.4lbs, this generator is a lightweight powerhouse designed for outdoor adventures. Perfect for camping trips, it ensures you have a reliable power source for your devices, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. The compact design and easy portability make it a hassle-free addition to your camping essentials. 🌲🌄

Home Backup Power: Be prepared for unexpected power outages with this portable solar generator. Its high capacity and multiple outlets make it an ideal solution for providing backup power to your home essentials during outages. Keep your lights on, charge your devices, and maintain essential appliances with this reliable power station. 🏠🔦

CPAP Power Supply: Ensure uninterrupted sleep with the 1000W Portable Solar Generator serving as a reliable CPAP power supply. The generator’s power-packed performance and quiet operation make it an ideal companion for CPAP users, offering a seamless and continuous power source for a good night’s sleep. 💤⚡

User-Friendly OLED Display: Stay informed about your power status with the OLED display that indicates charging/discharging and battery life status. The user-friendly interface adds convenience, allowing you to monitor and manage the generator’s performance effortlessly. A clear and intuitive display for a seamless user experience. 📊👌

Feature Specification
Battery Management System Advanced BMS with Balancing Technology
Battery Pack High Voltage 25.9V/39Ah Lithium Cell
Capacity 1010Wh (273,000mAh/3.7V)
AC Outlets 2 AC Outlets (110V 9.1A 60Hz)
DC Ports 2 DC Ports (12V/8A max)
USB Ports 4 USB Ports (5V 3A max)
Charging Time 5.5~7 hours (Wall Socket)
Weight 25.4 lbs
Dimensions Compact and Portable Design