10-Inch Dimmable LED Light Bar: Rechargeable, Motion-Activated, Perfect for RVs, Wardrobes, and Under-Cabinet Lighting

As a user of the EShine 10-Inch Dimmable LED Light Bar, I’m amazed at its versatility and convenience. Whether I need an efficient awning light for my RV, a practical shelf light in my wardrobe, or under-cabinet lighting in my laundry room, this LED light bar delivers exceptional performance.

The rechargeable battery ensures 4 hours of continuous bright light at 100% brightness and an impressive 15 hours at 30%, giving me unparalleled flexibility. The motion-activated feature and customizable turn-off time add to the overall convenience.

With easy installation options and three operating modes, this light bar is a must-have for anyone seeking portable, powerful, and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

The EShine 10-Inch Dimmable LED Light Bar is the perfect lighting companion for various scenarios. Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors and need a reliable awning light for your RV, organizing your wardrobe with practical shelf lighting, or enhancing your workspace with under-cabinet lighting, this versatile LED light bar excels.

Its rechargeable battery ensures hours of continuous bright light, making it ideal for various applications. With customizable motion-sensing and dimming options, this light bar adapts to your needs, providing the right illumination at the right time.

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The built-in magnet and easy installation options make it hassle-free to set up, ensuring you have dazzling LED light within minutes of opening the box. Experience unmatched lighting convenience with the EShine LED light strip.

Lighting Solution: The EShine 10-Inch Dimmable LED Light Bar is a versatile lighting solution suitable for a range of applications. Whether you’re on the road in your RV, organizing your wardrobe, or illuminating under-cabinet spaces, this light bar delivers exceptional performance.

Rechargeable Battery Power: With a 1300mAh battery pack, this LED light bar offers four hours of always-on bright light at 100% brightness and an impressive 15 hours at 30%. The quick 2-3 hour USB recharge time ensures you have reliable illumination whenever you need it.

Customizable Motion Sensing: Adjust the turn-off time after motion detection with ease. Choose from 20, 40, 60, and 120 seconds, or opt for the always-on mode for continuous lighting. The motion sensor activates the light within a ten-foot range, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Multiple Installation Options: Whether you have ironwork nearby or not, installing the light bar is a breeze. Utilize the built-in magnet for iron surfaces or use the magnetic adhesive strip and screws (all included) for other surfaces. Experience the brilliance of LED light within minutes.

Three Operating Modes: Operate the EShine LED light strip in three modes – always-on, low light with motion detection, or motion-sensing only. The dimmer switch allows you to achieve the desired light level, and it remembers your setting for the next activation.

Adaptable Brightness Levels: With three levels of dimness, this LED light bar caters to various lighting needs. Easily transition from a bright work light to a soothing nightlight, all while maximizing battery savings. Enjoy the perfect illumination for any occasion.

Portable and Powerful: The portability of this battery-operated LED light bar ensures you have light wherever and whenever you need it. Its powerful performance makes it suitable for both practical applications and creating a pleasant ambiance.

Energy-Efficient Motion Sensor: The motion sensor technology ensures the light activates only when needed, conserving battery power. Experience intelligent lighting that responds to motion within a ten-foot range, providing enhanced energy efficiency.

Feature Specification
Dimensions 10 Inches
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Operating Time 4 Hours at 100%, 15 Hours at 30%
Recharge Time 2-3 Hours via USB Cable
Motion Sensor Range 10 Feet
Installation Options Built-in Magnet, Magnetic Adhesive Strip, Screws
Operating Modes Always-On, Low Light with Motion Detection, Motion-Sensing Only
Dimmable Levels Three Levels of Dimness