Magnetic Desk Lamp for Anywhere! LED Night Light with Stepless Adjustment – Perfect for Closets, Cabinets, and More

The stepless adjustment and three-level control provide the perfect ambiance for any situation.

The color temperature range, certified to protect against short-wavelength blue light, ensures healthier and more comfortable lighting. The wireless feature, along with the magnetic base and 3M adhesive, makes it a breeze to install anywhere.

Plus, the rechargeable battery eliminates the hassle and cost of constantly replacing batteries. Whether in the closet, hallway, bedroom, or kitchen, this desk lamp adds a touch of practical elegance to every corner.

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Magnetic Desk Lamp is a game-changer in lighting solutions, offering stepless adjustment and three brightness levels. Ideal for closets, cabinets, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even car trunks, this lamp provides versatile lighting wherever needed.

The touch sensor and magnetic base make it easy to use and install, while the color temperature range and blue light protection ensure a comfortable and healthy lighting experience.

Perfect for reading, studying, working, or adding a touch of warmth to any space, this desk lamp is a must-have for those who appreciate functional and stylish lighting.

Stepless Adjustment: The Magnetic Desk Lamp allows for stepless adjustment, providing the perfect level of brightness for any occasion. From soft ambient lighting to focused illumination, this lamp adapts to your needs effortlessly. 💡

Color Temperature Range: With a color temperature range of 3000K-5000K, this LED Night Light offers a customizable lighting experience. The EU Blue Light RGO test certification ensures protection against short-wavelength blue light, promoting healthier and more comfortable lighting. 🌈

Wireless Convenience: The Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting is wireless and portable, making it suitable for various applications. The mini magnetic lamp base can be attached to any surface, providing on-the-go lighting for closets, cabinets, hallways, and more. 🚀

Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with additional magnets and upgraded 3M adhesive, this desk lamp offers versatile mounting options. Stick it on surfaces for under-cabinet lighting, in closets, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even car trunks. 🏠

Touch Sensor Control: The lamp features a touch sensor control that allows for easy adjustment within a 40-130 degree angle. It also remembers your last brightness setting, ensuring convenience and safety for users of all ages. 👆

Rechargeable Battery: The built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery eliminates the need for constant battery replacements. With a fully charged battery in 4-5 hours, this lamp provides 4-24 hours of usage, depending on the brightness level set. 🔋

USB Charging: The lamp comes with a 1M USB Type C Cable for easy charging. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of disposable batteries, as this lamp is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 🌱💰

Wide Range of Use: This Magnetic Desk Lamp is perfect for reading, studying, working, and adding ambiance to various spaces. Its cordless and USB battery features make it a versatile and indispensable addition to your home or office. 📚💼

Feature Specification
Adjustment Stepless adjustment, 3 brightness levels
Color Temperature Range 3000K-5000K
Mounting Options Magnets, upgraded 3M adhesive
Battery 1800mAh rechargeable battery
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Usage Time 4-24 hours, depending on brightness level
Charging Cable 1M USB Type C Cable