120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger: Power Your Portable Station, RV Battery, Perfect for Jackery/Rockpals Generators with 20A Controller

Take your power on the go with the ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, this solar panel is perfect for powering portable stations, RV batteries, and is compatible with popular generators like Jackery and Rockpals.

Weighing only 9lbs, its compact design and tilting kickstands allow you to harness up to 25% more solar energy, ensuring you have power wherever you wander.

With a 20A controller for battery protection and multiple adapters, it’s your lightweight and reliable companion for all your outdoor adventures.

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The tilting kickstands not only provide flexibility in positioning but also increase solar energy capture by up to 25%, optimizing charging efficiency.

Unleash More Power: ECO-WORTHY 120W Solar Panel Charger! 🌞 Upgrade your solar charging experience with the ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger. With an enhanced output of 120 watts, this solar panel generates a maximum of 0.5kWh per day under just 4 hours of full sunshine. Unleash more power for your portable needs with this efficient solar charger!

Optimized Solar Capture: ECO-WORTHY 120W with Tilting Kickstands! πŸ”„ The tilting kickstands of this solar panel allow you to optimize your solar capture by up to 25%. No more flat laying – adjust the angle and harness more solar energy for your portable power station or RV battery. Optimize your solar capture with the innovative tilting kickstands!

Compact and Lightweight Design: ECO-WORTHY 120W Solar Charger! 🌐 Weighing only 9lbs, this solar panel boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it your ideal travel companion. A zippered pouch conveniently stores the controller and cords, ensuring you can carry it anywhere you go. Travel light and charge right with this compact solar charger!

Versatile Compatibility: ECO-WORTHY 120W with Multiple Adapters! πŸ”Œ Equipped with 10 DC adapters, including 8mm for Jackery/Aim Zero, 5.52.1mm for Flashfish, and 5.52.5mm for Rockpals, this solar panel ensures compatibility with 95% of power stations. No more compatibility worries – charge seamlessly with this versatile solar charger. Stay charged with versatile compatibility for various power stations!

Charge with Confidence: ECO-WORTHY 120W with Battery Protection! πŸ”‹ The 20A LCD controller provides battery charge protection, safeguarding Lithium, Gel, and Lead acid batteries from overcharge and short circuits. Additionally, it features 5V USB ports for charging phones and tablets, offering a comprehensive charging solution. Charge with confidence and protection for your batteries with this solar charger!

Efficiency Unleashed: ECO-WORTHY 120W Solar Charger! πŸš€ With an upgraded DC charging speed of 20%, this solar panel ensures efficient and rapid charging for your portable power station or RV battery. Don’t settle for less – experience efficiency unleashed with this high-performance solar charger. Experience the unleashed efficiency of this high-speed solar charger!

Outdoor Powerhouse: ECO-WORTHY 120W for RV Camping! πŸ•οΈ For RV camping enthusiasts, this solar panel is the ultimate outdoor powerhouse. Its lightweight design and tilting kickstands make it easy to set up, ensuring you have a reliable power source for all your camping needs. Elevate your RV camping experience with this outdoor powerhouse solar charger!

Always Powered: ECO-WORTHY 120W for Portable Energy Stations! ⚑ With just a few hours of direct sunlight, this solar panel keeps your portable energy station charged around the clock. No more worries about running out of power – stay always powered with the ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger. Stay always powered for your portable needs with this reliable solar charger!Β 

Q: Can I use this solar panel with any portable power station? A: The ECO-WORTHY 120W Solar Panel Charger is compatible with 95% of power stations, including popular ones like Jackery, Aim Zero, Flashfish, Rockpals, and more.

Q: How does the tilting kickstands improve solar capture? A: The tilting kickstands allow users to adjust the angle of the solar panel, capturing up to 25% more solar energy compared to flat laying.

Q: Is the solar panel easy to carry during outdoor activities? A: Yes, weighing only 9lbs and featuring a compact design, the solar panel is lightweight and easy to carry. The zippered pouch stores the controller and cords for added convenience during outdoor activities.