EBL Charger and Batteries Bundle – Powering Your Devices Anywhere

The combo includes 4 high-capacity 2800mAh AA rechargeable batteries and 4 efficient 1100mAh AAA rechargeable batteries. The accompanying quick charger with a unique USB design allows for on-the-go charging, ensuring that my devices are always powered up.

With features like low self-discharge, intelligent charging modes, and the ability to recharge up to 1200 times, this EBL bundle is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for anyone in need of long-lasting power.

The EBL Charger and Batteries bundle is perfect for individuals who rely on rechargeable batteries for their devices. Whether you are a frequent traveler, a photographer, or simply someone who values sustainability, this bundle is designed for you.

The high-quality AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, coupled with the quick charger’s USB compatibility, make it a versatile solution for powering a wide range of devices.

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From cameras and flashlights to remote controls and portable gadgets, this bundle ensures you have a reliable power source wherever and whenever you need it.

High-Quality Battery Combo: The EBL Charger and Batteries bundle offer a combination of 4 AA rechargeable batteries (2800mAh) and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries (1100mAh). These batteries are engineered with low self-discharge Ni-MH technology, boasting no memory effect and the ability to be recharged up to 1200 times, ensuring a long-lasting power solution.

Unique USB Design for On-the-Go Charging: The battery charger features a unique USB input port (5V/1A), allowing users to charge AA and AAA batteries anytime, anywhere using 5V USB devices such as mobile power banks and adapters. This innovative design adds convenience for travelers and individuals constantly on the move.

Safety Assurance with Advanced MCU Control: The EBL Charger incorporates an advanced MCU (Microcontroller Unit) control system, ensuring the safety of your batteries during the charging process. Intelligent △V and – △V cut-off charging modes, along with automatic trickle charging, prevent over-voltage, over-current, and overheating, providing peace of mind during usage.

Quick Charge in 3 Hours: The highlight of this bundle is the quick charger, equipped with iQuick technology. This feature enables a rapid full charge for your AA or AAA NiMH/Ni-CD rechargeable batteries in just 3 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between usage.

Versatile Charging Options for All Devices: The EBL Charger and Batteries bundle caters to a wide range of devices, making it a versatile solution for various applications. From powering your digital camera during a photoshoot to keeping your TV remote control operational, this bundle is an all-in-one power solution for your everyday needs.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient: With a recharge cycle of up to 1200 times, these batteries contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Users can enjoy cost savings by investing in a bundle that offers long-lasting, rechargeable batteries instead of repeatedly purchasing disposable ones.

Complete Package for Instant Use: The package includes the EBL iQuick Battery Charger, 4 AA 2800mAh rechargeable batteries, 4 AAA 1100mAh rechargeable batteries, and a Micro USB charging cable. This comprehensive bundle ensures that users have everything they need for immediate use and continuous power supply.

Reliable Power Source for Various Devices: Whether you’re camping, working, or enjoying outdoor activities, the EBL Charger and Batteries bundle guarantees a reliable power source for your devices. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly replacing disposable batteries and embrace the convenience of a rechargeable and sustainable power solution.

Specification Details
Battery Types AA (2800mAh), AAA (1100mAh)
Recharge Cycle Up to 1200 times
USB Input Port 5V/1A
Charging Time 3 hours (iQuick technology)
Safety Features MCU Control, △V and – △V cut-off, Trickle Charging
Package Contents EBL iQuick Battery Charger, AA 2800mAh x 4, AAA 1100mAh x 4, Micro USB Cable