EBL 1/2 AA Lithium Batteries – Unleash the Power for Your Devices

These EBL 1/2 AA Lithium Batteries are versatile and ideal for various applications. Use them in your dog collars, home security systems, baby motion monitors, remote controls, and more. Whether you’re safeguarding your home, monitoring your baby’s safety, or keeping your devices powered, EBL batteries are there to provide dependable energy.

High Capacity: πŸ”‹ EBL 1/2 AA Lithium Batteries boast an impressive 1200mAh capacity, ensuring extended device runtime and fewer battery replacements.

Reliable Power: ⚑ These batteries provide reliable and consistent power output, making them suitable for critical devices like security systems and baby monitors.


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Wide Compatibility: 🌐 EBL batteries are compatible with various devices, including dog collars, home security systems, and baby monitors, offering you versatility and convenience.

Non-Rechargeable: 🚫 Unlike rechargeable batteries, EBL’s non-rechargeable lithium batteries are ready to use right out of the package, eliminating the need for charging time.

IEC Standard: πŸ“ EBL manufactures these batteries according to the IEC standard, ensuring safety, quality, and optimal performance under extreme temperatures, ranging from -55Β°C to 85Β°C.

Safe and Reliable: πŸ›‘οΈ EBL’s commitment to safety is unwavering. These batteries are designed to perform reliably in various environments, providing peace of mind when used in critical devices.

Long Shelf Life: πŸ“† With a long shelf life, EBL batteries remain fresh and ready for use even after extended storage periods, making them a cost-effective choice for backup power.

Easy Replacement: πŸ”„ Replacing batteries is a breeze. Just remove the old battery and insert an EBL 1/2 AA Lithium Battery, and your device is good to go.

Value Pack: πŸ’° This package offers great value, providing you with multiple batteries to meet your needs, whether you have several devices or simply want backups on hand.

EBL 1/2 AA Lithium Batteries are the dependable power source you need for your essential devices. With a high capacity of 1200mAh, they ensure that your devices stay powered for longer durations, reducing the hassle of frequent battery replacements. These batteries are designed and manufactured to meet the IEC standard, guaranteeing safety and optimal performance across a wide temperature range. Whether it’s extreme cold or scorching heat, EBL batteries deliver consistent power without compromising reliability. Additionally, they have a long shelf life, making them a smart and economical choice for backup batteries. Trust in EBL to provide the power you need, when you need it, for your dog collars, security systems, baby monitors, and more. πŸ”‹πŸ 

Yearly self-discharge lower than 1%, will be saved as much as 10 years, retailer the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space.

Non-rechargeable battery ,any try and cost this alkaline battery could cause cracking or leakage.