Illuminate Your Art: Wireless Picture Light with Rotatable Tube and Remote Control

Enhance your art display with the Wireless Picture Light. With its 180-degree rotatable design and adjustable brightness, this battery-operated light is perfect for showcasing paintings, canvas artwork, darts, and wall displays.

The remote control and timer feature provide convenience, allowing you to customize the lighting to highlight your masterpieces. Say goodbye to distracting bright lights and welcome a new level of illumination for your art.

Featuring a 180-degree rotatable design and a 13-inch light head with six bulbs on each side, this light offers flexibility and precision in illuminating your artwork.

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The dimmable option with two brightness stages of “50%” and “100%” ensures you have the perfect lighting for any setting. Operated by 3 AA batteries, this picture light is not only versatile but also power-saving, allowing you to set timers for auto-off and save energy.

1. Illuminate with Elegance 🎨: With a 180-degree rotatable design and dimmable brightness, this light provides the perfect ambiance for your paintings, canvas artwork, and wall displays. The remote control feature adds convenience, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the lighting to showcase your masterpieces with precision.

2. Tailored Brightness for Your Masterpieces 🌟: Experience the freedom to tailor the brightness of your art display with two adjustable stages, “50%” and “100%,” giving you complete control over the illumination. The Wireless Picture Light is not just a source of light but a tool to accentuate the details of your artwork, creating an immersive visual experience for art enthusiasts.

3. Power Efficiency at Your Fingertips 🌿: Save power and set the ambiance with the Wireless Picture Light’s timer feature. With 12 preset timer keys, you can effortlessly schedule the light to turn off after 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes using the remote controller. This power-saving option ensures that your art is highlighted only when needed, creating an eco-friendly solution for art illumination.

4. Artistic Precision with Rotatable Design πŸ”„: Achieve artistic precision with the 180-degree rotatable design of the Wireless Picture Light. The 13-inch light head, equipped with six bulbs on each side, allows you to flexibly adjust the light angle independently for each tube. Whether you’re showcasing portraits, canvas artwork, or wall displays, this light ensures that every detail is accentuated to perfection.

5. Seamless Integration with Your Décor 🏑: The Wireless Picture Light is designed to seamlessly integrate with your home décor. With a head standing proud of 7 inches from the wall, it offers a subtle yet effective lighting solution for your paintings, creating a harmonious blend between art and interior design. The built-in bubble level ensures easy installation, providing a level surface for your picture-perfect displays.

6. Distract-Free Illumination for Your Eyes 🚫: Bid farewell to harsh and distracting brightness. The Wireless Picture Light is engineered to eliminate strong brightness that may distract your eyes, providing a soft and focused illumination for your art. Enjoy an immersive viewing experience without compromising on the health of your eyes.

7. Versatile Lighting Anywhere 🌈: Unleash your creativity with the versatility of the Wireless Picture Light. Whether you’re illuminating a painting, canvas artwork, or creating a unique wall display, this battery-operated light offers the freedom to swap between heat white, nature white, and cool white modes. Customize the lighting to complement your artistic vision and transform any space into a captivating gallery.

8. Wireless Convenience for Art Enthusiasts 🎨: Designed for artworking enthusiasts, the Wireless Picture Light provides the ultimate convenience with its wireless operation. Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited placement options. With its battery-operated design, this light gives you the freedom to showcase your art wherever you desire. The remote control feature adds an extra layer of ease, allowing you to control your lighting from a distance.

Q: Can I adjust the brightness of the Wireless Picture Light? A: Absolutely! The Wireless Picture Light offers two brightness stages, “50%” and “100%,” providing you with the flexibility to customize the illumination according to your preferences.

Q: How does the timer feature work? A: The picture light comes with a convenient timer feature, allowing you to preset timers for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Use the included remote control to effortlessly schedule when the light turns off, providing power-saving benefits.

Q: Is the Wireless Picture Light easy to install? A: Yes, installation is a breeze! The light comes with a built-in bubble level to ensure the mounting bracket is level. With a head standing 7 inches from the wall, it seamlessly integrates into your space, creating a harmonious blend between your art and interior design.

Q: Can I use this light for different types of artwork? A: Absolutely! The Wireless Picture Light is versatile and perfect for illuminating a variety of artwork, including paintings, canvas artwork, darts, and wall displays. The 180-degree rotatable design allows you to adjust the light angle to accentuate the details of your art.

Feature Specification
Power Source 3 AA Batteries
Brightness Stages 50%, 100%
Timer Options 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes
Rotatable Design 180 degrees
Light Head Size 13 inches
Bulbs 6 on each side
Distance from Wall 7 inches
Light Colors Heat White, Nature White, Cool White
Control Wireless Remote Control
Operation Battery Operated