Solar Generator Bundle: 2000W Portable Power Station with 3pcs Foldable Solar Panel 120W SP120 – Ideal for RV, Home, Outdoor Camping

Experience unprecedented power freedom with the BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Bundle. This comprehensive package includes the 2000Wh power station and three foldable solar panels, making it the perfect companion for RV adventures, home backup, and outdoor camping.

With versatile recharge options, including solar, AC, car, and lead-acid battery, this portable powerhouse ensures uninterrupted energy supply. The high-efficiency 120W solar panels feature Sunpower monocrystalline silicon cells, offering superior performance.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or preparing for unexpected power outages, the BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Bundle is your reliable source of clean and sustainable energy.

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☀️ Versatile Power Sources: The BLUETTI AC200P 2000Wh Energy Station supports multiple recharge options, including solar, AC, car, and lead-acid battery. With a wide 35-150V/Max.700W/12A solar input and MPPT technology, it allows for a quick recharge within 3-3.5 hours using solar power alone. This portable power station can also be fully recharged in approximately 5.5 hours with a 400W AC adapter or in 2.5 hours when utilizing AC and solar power simultaneously.

🌞 High-Efficiency Solar Panels: The BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel is equipped with Sunpower monocrystalline silicon cells, boasting a 5% higher efficiency than traditional monocrystalline panels. The ETFE lamination enhances light transmittance, making it more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean. With a foldable design and a weight of only 9.48lbs, these solar panels are convenient to carry for outdoor camping, ensuring a reliable source of clean energy.

Solar Recharge Time: To maximize solar recharge efficiency, it is recommended to connect a minimum of 3pcs SP120 solar panels in series, with a maximum of 5pcs in series connection. The broad open circuit voltage range of 35-150V ensures adaptability to different weather conditions and locations. The actual recharge time may vary based on factors such as weather, temperature, panel angle, and placement.

🔧 Convenient Package Dimensions: The compact package dimensions of 16.5 x 11.0 x 15.2 inches make the BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Bundle easy to store and transport. Whether you’re hitting the road in your RV or setting up a backup power solution at home, the portable and efficient design ensures hassle-free usage.

🔄 Adjustable Solar Panel Angle: The BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel features kickstands that allow for easy adjustment of the panel angle. This feature ensures optimal solar absorption, adapting to various outdoor conditions and maximizing energy capture for an efficient recharge.

🌐 Wide Range of Applications: From powering your RV adventures to providing a reliable backup during power outages, the BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Bundle is designed for versatile use. Enjoy the freedom of clean and sustainable energy wherever your journey takes you.

📏 Durable and Portable Design: The BLUETTI AC200P and SP120 solar panels are built to last, with durability and portability in mind. The foldable solar panels come with a handle, making them easy to carry around for outdoor activities. The robust design ensures a long-lasting and dependable power solution.

🛡️ Two-Year Warranty: BLUETTI stands behind the quality of the AC200P and the included solar panel, offering a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. This commitment to customer satisfaction provides peace of mind, ensuring that you can rely on your solar generator bundle for years to come.

Feature Specification
Power Station Capacity 2000Wh
Solar Panel Capacity 3pcs Foldable 120W SP120
Solar Input Voltage Range 35-150V
Solar Recharge Time 3-3.5 hours (Max. 700W solar input)
AC+PV Simultaneous Recharge 2.5 hours
Solar Panel Efficiency 5% higher efficiency with Sunpower cells
Package Dimensions 16.5 x 11.0 x 15.2 inches