1.5VAAA Rechargeable Batteries – Rapid Charging Revolution

Elevate the performance of your everyday gadgets with the 1.5VAAA Rechargeable Batteries. Ideal for clocks, remotes, flashlights, Apple mice, keyboards, digital cameras, toys, and more, these high-performance Li-ion batteries offer a reliable and long-lasting power source. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and embrace the convenience of rechargeable technology.

🚀 High-Performance Li-ion Cells: EBL’s rechargeable batteries feature high power density Li-ion cells with a low self-discharge rate and an impressive 1200-cycle life. No more worries about memory effects, ensuring optimal performance for household devices.

Quick Charge in 2 Hours: Experience the convenience of rapid charging with the advanced iQuick charging technology. With a DC 5V/2A USB input and the included 4 in 1 cable, these batteries can be fully charged in just 2 hours. The built-in LED light indicates the charging progress, with red light signaling charging and blue light indicating a full charge.

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🔌 USB Charging Design: Forget the hassle of additional battery chargers. The 1.5VAAA batteries can be directly charged using the included 4 in 1 cable, connecting 1-4 batteries to any USB power source such as an AC adapter, power bank, or computer. Charging convenience at your fingertips!

🔒 Safe AAA Lithium Batteries: Prioritize safety with these AAA lithium batteries designed for secure operation. Each battery is equipped with a PCB protected chip, offering multiple safety features, including over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, and short-circuit protection.

🔄 Environmentally Friendly: Make a sustainable choice by switching to rechargeable batteries. Reduce waste and environmental impact by choosing batteries that can be reused up to 1200 times, contributing to a greener future.

💡 Versatile Compatibility: The 1.5VAAA batteries are compatible with a wide range of household devices, ensuring they are ready to power your clocks, remotes, flashlights, and various electronic gadgets with ease.

🌐 Universal USB Power Supply: Enjoy the flexibility of charging your batteries from any USB power supply. Whether it’s an AC adapter, power bank, or laptop, you can easily charge these batteries wherever you are, providing convenience for on-the-go charging.

🌈 LED Charging Indicator: Stay informed about the charging status with the built-in LED light. The intuitive design makes it easy to monitor the charging process, ensuring you know when your batteries are ready for action.


Feature Description
Battery Type 1.5VAAA Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Cycle Life 1200 Cycles
Charging Time 2 Hours
Charging Technology iQuick with DC 5V/2A USB Input
Charging Indicator LED (Red for Charging, Blue for Fully Charged)
USB Cable 4 in 1 Cable Included
Safety Features PCB Protected Chip, Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Heat, Short-Circuit Protection
Compatibility Clocks, Remotes, Flashlights, Apple Mice, Keyboards, Digital Cameras, Toys, and More

Elevate your energy game with the 1.5VAAA Rechargeable Batteries. Offering high-performance Li-ion cells, rapid 2-hour charging, USB convenience, and safety features, these batteries redefine the way you power your devices.

With a focus on sustainability, compatibility, and user-friendly design, choosing these batteries is not just a smart choice but a commitment to a greener and more efficient energy solution. Upgrade your power source and enjoy endless possibilities with these rechargeable wonders!