1100mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries (8 Pack): Eco-Friendly Power for Household Devices

These batteries are not only durable but also eco-friendly, making them an excellent choice for various household devices. From toothbrushes to flashlights, SUKAI AAA batteries deliver reliable power in extreme temperatures, ensuring functionality in any environment.

With an impressive 1200 charging cycles and low self-discharge, these batteries remain a reliable energy source for years, making them a smart investment for both the environment and my pocket.

Discover the convenience of sustainable power with SUKAI 1100mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries. Ideal for a wide range of household equipment such as toothbrushes, remote controls, and children’s toys, these batteries are versatile and dependable.

Their leak-proof design and resistance to extreme temperatures (-20-60°C) make them suitable for various applications, from indoor gadgets to outdoor garden lights. Embrace a greener lifestyle by choosing SUKAI AAA batteries for reliable, eco-friendly power.

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Eco-Friendly Choice: SUKAI AAA Rechargeable Batteries are an eco-friendly alternative, free from harmful substances like Hg/Cd/Pb. Choosing these batteries is a small yet impactful step towards a cleaner environment, aligning with your commitment to sustainable living. 🌱

Durable Compatibility: With sturdy compatibility, these AAA batteries are suitable for a wide array of household devices, ensuring consistent and reliable power for toothbrushes, alarm clocks, wireless mice, and more. Versatility meets performance in every SUKAI battery. 💡

Leak-Proof and Extreme Conditions: SUKAI AAA batteries are designed to be leak-proof and can endure extreme temperatures, ranging from -20 to 60°C. Whether used in chilly environments or under scorching heat, these batteries maintain stability, providing reliable power when needed. 🌦️

Pre-Charged for Convenience: For your convenience and safety during transportation, SUKAI pre-charges the batteries by 20%-30%. However, it’s recommended to fully charge them before the first use to maximize their service life. A small precaution for lasting performance. 🔋

Long-Term Stability: Boasting a large capacity of 1100mAh, SUKAI AAA batteries endure up to 1200 charging cycles. Thanks to low self-discharge technology, even after being stored for three years, these batteries retain over 80% of their power. A testament to their long-term stability. ⚡

Versatile Household Power: From wireless mice to children’s toys, SUKAI AAA batteries provide a versatile power source for a multitude of household devices. Say goodbye to single-use batteries and embrace the convenience of rechargeable power for all your gadgets. 🎮

Smart Charging Practices: To ensure longevity, it’s recommended to charge the batteries at least once every three months when not in use for an extended period. This smart charging practice prevents over-discharge and preserves the battery’s health. ⏳

Cost-Effective Investment: With SUKAI AAA Rechargeable Batteries, you’re making a cost-effective investment. Their long-lasting performance, low self-discharge, and compatibility with various devices make them a smart choice, saving you money in the long run. 💰

Feature Specification
Capacity 1100mAh (per battery)
Charging Cycles Up to 1200 cycles
Compatibility Wide range of household devices
Temperature Resistance -20 to 60°C
Pre-Charge Percentage 20%-30% (for transportation safety)
Eco-Friendly Composition Free from Hg/Cd/Pb
Long-Term Stability Over 80% power retention after 3 years of storage