Perfect Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights: Color Changing, Remote Control, Ideal for Under Cabinet and Closet Lighting

The 55 lumens provide super-bright and long-lasting illumination, making them ideal for various settings. With 16 color options, including preset choices like warm white, red, green, and blue, these puck lights add a vibrant touch to any space.

The two wireless remote controls with selectable dimmer make it incredibly convenient to control the lights’ brightness and color. The optional auto-off timer is a thoughtful feature, ensuring energy efficiency by automatically turning off the lights after 30 or 60 minutes.

With an impressive 100-hour battery run time at 100% brightness, these lights outlast others in the market, offering a reliable and enduring lighting solution.

Perfect Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights are perfect for enhancing the ambiance of any space.

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Whether you’re looking to illuminate your under-cabinet spaces in the kitchen, add a touch of color to your closet, or create a mesmerizing atmosphere in any room, these lights are the ideal solution. The 55 lumens provide a super-bright glow, and with 16 color options, you have the flexibility to match the lighting to your mood or decor.

The wireless remote controls, along with the selectable dimmer, make it easy to customize the lighting experience. Additionally, the optional auto-off timer is perfect for situations where you want the lights to automatically turn off after a set period, ensuring energy efficiency and convenience.

Superior Brightness and Color Variety: The Perfect Evolution Wireless LED Puck Lights boast an impressive 55 lumens, delivering super-bright and long-lasting illumination. With 16 color options, including warm white, red, green, and blue presets, these lights offer unparalleled versatility in color choices to suit any occasion.

Wireless Remote Control with Dimming Options: The two included wireless remote controls provide convenient access to turning the lights ON/OFF and selecting the desired level of brightness. The selectable dimmer feature allows users to achieve the perfect lighting ambiance with ease, providing flexibility in various settings.

Auto-Off Timer for Energy Efficiency: The optional auto-off timer feature is a standout, allowing users to leave the lights on for hours or set a timer for automatic shutoff after 30 or 60 minutes. This feature enhances energy efficiency, making these puck lights an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Extended Battery Run Time: With an impressive 100-hour battery run time at 100% brightness, the Perfect Evolution LED Puck Lights outlast others in the market, offering a long-lasting and reliable lighting solution. The need for frequent battery changes is significantly reduced, providing extended usage.

Versatile Application in Various Settings: Whether used as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, closet lights, or decorative accents in any room, these puck lights elevate the ambiance. Their color-changing capability and brightness options make them suitable for creating different atmospheres to match diverse settings.

Easy Installation and Stick-On Design: The puck lights feature a hassle-free stick-on design for easy installation. The adhesive backing ensures a secure attachment to surfaces, allowing users to enjoy vibrant and colorful lighting within minutes of setup.

Compact and Portable Design: The compact design of these wireless LED puck lights makes them highly portable and versatile. Users can easily move them to different locations based on their lighting needs, making them a flexible and adaptable lighting solution.

Enhance Mood and Decor with Color Changing LEDs: The color-changing LEDs of these puck lights offer a dynamic way to enhance the mood and decor of any space. Whether you want a warm and cozy atmosphere or a vibrant burst of color, these lights provide the perfect lighting accent.

Feature Specification
Brightness 55 Lumens
Color Options 16 Colors (Including Warm White, Red, Green, Blue)
Remote Controls 2 Wireless Remotes
Dimming Options Selectable Dimmer, 50%, 100% Brightness
Auto-Off Timer 30 or 60 Minutes
Battery Run Time 100 Hours (at 100% Brightness)
Power Source 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)