12V Waterproof Solar Battery Trickle Charger & Maintainer – 20 Watts Mono Solar Panel

12V Waterproof Solar Battery Trickle Charger and Maintainer is a game-changer for anyone seeking a reliable, eco-friendly solution to keep their batteries charged and maintained. Whether you have a boat, RV, car, or any 12V battery-powered equipment, this solar charger is perfect for you. It features a 20-watt mono solar panel with a built-in intelligent MPPT charge controller, ensuring optimal charging performance.

Ideal for outdoor use, this solar charger comes with adjustable mount brackets suitable for pole diameters ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 inches (40-80mm). The durable aluminum frame and tempered glass construction make it built to last, providing years of dependable service.

One of the standout features is the vibrant LED indicator, which allows you to visually monitor the charging status, ensuring you have real-time insights into your battery’s condition. When your battery is fully charged, the charging is automatically cut off, preventing overcharging.

Should your battery deplete, the charger will automatically resume its operation. This hassle-free maintenance ensures that your batteries are always in top condition.

What’s more, this solar charger comes with a plug-and-play SAE cable kit, making it incredibly user-friendly. With no electricity costs and minimal maintenance requirements, it’s a cost-effective and eco-conscious choice for keeping your batteries charged.

☀️ Eco-Friendly Charging: Harness the power of the sun to keep your 12V batteries charged and maintained, reducing your carbon footprint.

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🚗 Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including boats, RVs, cars, and more, ensuring your batteries are always ready to go.

🌞 High-Efficiency Solar Panel: The 20-watt mono solar panel with an intelligent MPPT charge controller delivers efficient charging performance.

🌧️ Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand the elements with a waterproof design, ensuring reliable operation in any weather.

📊 Real-Time Monitoring: The colorful LED indicator provides visual updates on the charging status, allowing you to stay informed about your battery’s condition.

Automatic Cut-Off: Prevent overcharging with the charger’s automatic cut-off feature when your battery is fully charged.

🔄 Auto-Resume Function: The charger will automatically resume charging if your battery’s charge level drops, ensuring continuous maintenance.

🛠️ Easy Installation: Comes with adjustable mount brackets and a plug-and-play SAE cable kit for straightforward installation and use.

🌍 Eco-Conscious and Cost-Effective: With zero electricity costs and minimal maintenance, this solar charger is an eco-conscious and budget-friendly choice.

Feature Description
Solar Panel 20-watt mono solar panel with MPPT controller
Mounting Brackets Adjustable brackets for pole diameters 1.5-3.0 inches
Weatherproof Design Waterproof and durable construction for outdoor use
LED Indicator Colorful LED indicator for real-time monitoring
Automatic Cut-Off Prevents overcharging by cutting off when the battery is fully charged
Auto-Resume Function Resumes charging when the battery charge level drops
Plug-and-Play Cable Kit SAE cable kit for easy installation and use
Eco-Friendly Charging Solar-powered, reducing your carbon footprint

Constructed-in clever MPPT cost controller chips, generate a minimum of 10%-20% extra energy than conventional controller. The good 3-stages charging algorithm is improved to raised cost and keep 12v battery, preserve battery topped off in all seasons.

Forestall the battery from over-charge, over-voltage, discharge, and brief circuit, reversed polarity safety, waterproof and spark-proof, the battery is totally protected.

The pole mount brackets means that you can simply modify photo voltaic panel angle amongst 0-15-30-45-60 diploma in keeping with private necessities. The mount brackets had been designed for pole diameter 1.5-3.0 inch/40-80MM.