Stay Powered Anywhere with Ceeya 26800mAh Portable Charger – Ideal for Travel, Camping, and Outdoor Adventures

Whether I’m on a business trip, camping in the wilderness, or exploring the mountains, this power bank ensures I stay connected without the worry of running out of cellphone battery.

The hand-held design makes it convenient to carry in my purse or backpack, and with a rated capacity just under 100Wh, it’s airport-friendly for carry-on baggage.

The dual USB ports allow me to charge two devices simultaneously, and the USB Micro and USB C input options provide flexibility for recharging with different cords. The LED display is a game

changer, providing a clear indication of the remaining juice, eliminating any guesswork. This portable charger is not just a power bank; it’s a reliable companion that keeps me charged and connected wherever I go.

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26800mAh Portable Charger is the ultimate solution for those who are always on the move. Perfect for travel, camping, business trips, and outdoor adventures, this power bank ensures you stay powered up and connected.

With a hand-held design, it easily fits into your purse or backpack, making it convenient to carry wherever you go. The rated capacity just under 100Wh allows you to take it on board in the airport, and the dual USB ports enable you to charge two devices simultaneously.

The USB Micro and USB C input options provide flexibility for recharging, and the LED display ensures you always know the remaining power, giving you the peace of mind to stay connected in any situation.

High Capacity Powerhouse: The Ceeya 26800mAh Portable Charger is a high-capacity powerhouse designed for those who demand reliable and long-lasting power. With its massive capacity, it’s perfect for extended use during GPS-guided bike rides, holidays, business trips, camping, hiking, and more. Say goodbye to the fear of losing contact with anyone due to a drained cellphone battery. 🚴🏕️🔋

Airport-Friendly Design: With a rated capacity just under 100Wh, this portable charger is airport-friendly, allowing you to take it on board in carry-on baggage. The hand-held size design adds to its convenience, making it easy to carry in hand or tuck away in your purse or backpack. Travel with confidence knowing you have a reliable power source wherever you go. ✈️🧳🔌

Dual USB Ports: The Ceeya Portable Charger features two USB ports, allowing you to share the power with friends or charge two devices simultaneously. Whether you’re traveling with a companion or have multiple devices to charge, this power bank ensures everyone stays connected without compromise. ⚡🔌

Versatile Input Options: With USB Micro and USB C input options, this portable charger offers versatility in recharging. The included USB Micro cable makes recharging convenient, but you have the flexibility to use different cords based on your needs. Stay powered up your way. 🔄🔌

LED Display Convenience: The front LED display sets this power bank apart, providing a convenient way to check the remaining juice. No more guessing with a blinking dot; the LED display ensures you know exactly when to recharge the device. Activate the LED screen by connecting your devices or clicking the power button on the side. 💡📊

Hidden-Design LED Screen: The LED screen on the Ceeya Portable Charger features a hidden design, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive look when not in use. You won’t see the display until it’s turned on, maintaining a clean and stylish appearance. 🕶️📱

Powerful and Lightweight: Weighing approximately 14.4 ounces, this power bank strikes the perfect balance between power and portability. The Lithium Polymer Cell makes it safe, long-lasting, and sturdy. It’s a heavy-duty and powerful battery bank, offering a solution for those tired of being tethered to wall sockets at home. 🏋️‍♂️🔋

Ceeya Assurance: The Ceeya Portable Charger is a testament to durability and reliability. Backed by Lithium Polymer Cell technology, it ensures long-lasting performance. It’s not just a power bank; it’s a dependable companion for those seeking a heavy-duty solution to stay connected, anytime and anywhere. 🛡️🔋

Feature Specification
Capacity 26800mAh
Airport-Friendly Rated just under 100Wh
USB Ports Dual USB Ports
Input Options USB Micro and USB C
LED Display Front LED Display
Weight Approximately 14.4 ounces
Technology Lithium Polymer Cell