TomCare Solar Torches Lights: Illuminate Your Nights with Flickering Flames – Set of 4 for Garden, Patio, and Yard

Create a captivating and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor space with TomCare’s Solar Torches Lights. The realistic flickering flames, coupled with warm yellow light, transform your garden, pathway, front gate, or yard into an enchanting haven.

These solar-powered torches are not only energy-efficient but also waterproof, providing hassle-free and stunning lighting from dusk to dawn. With a stylish metallic design, they are easy to install and the perfect decorative touch for your home.

TomCare Solar Torches Lights boast a long working time, thanks to the high-efficiency solar panel and a high-capacity battery.

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After just 8 hours of sunlight exposure, these torches will illuminate your outdoor space for approximately 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter. Enjoy extended nighttime brilliance in all seasons!

Realistic Flames for Welcoming Ambiance! 🔥✨: TomCare Solar Torches Lights feature a smart flames design that mimics the look of real flames. The warm yellow glow creates a welcoming ambiance, making them the perfect choice for illuminating your garden, patio, or yard during every evening gathering.

Energy-Saving and Weatherproof Brilliance! ☀️💦: With an IP65 waterproof grade, these solar torches withstand rain, snow, and frost. Perfect for outdoor lighting, they are solar-powered, eliminating the need for additional electrical tools. Let them soak up the sunlight during the day to effortlessly light up your nights.

Extended Lighting Time for Enjoyable Evenings! 🌄🌌: TomCare’s Solar Torches Lights are equipped with a high-capacity battery and efficient solar panel, ensuring a long working time. Enjoy approximately 10 hours of illumination in the summer and 5 hours in the winter after just 8 hours of solar charging.

Effortless Installation and Elegant Design! 🛠️🏡: No wires, no hassle! These torches are easy to install – simply place them into the ground and let them enhance your outdoor space. The metallic design, featuring rust-resistant black coating, adds an elegant and stylish touch to your home.

Sturdy Metal Construction for Outdoor Durability! 🌧️🏞️: Crafted from high-quality metallic material, these solar torches are built to withstand outdoor conditions. The rust-resistant black coating ensures durability, while the stakes and poles made of high-quality ABS plastic contribute to the overall sturdiness.

Set of Four for Complete Illumination! 🌟💡: The TomCare Solar Torches Lights come in a set of four, allowing you to scatter them across your garden or line them up to create a cohesive lighting display. Illuminate your entire outdoor space with these stunning torches.

Automatic On/Off for Hassle-Free Operation! 🌅🌙: Enjoy hassle-free operation with the automatic dusk-to-dawn feature of these torches. They turn on as the sun sets and off as dawn breaks, ensuring your outdoor space is consistently lit without any manual effort.

Quality Assurance and Stylish Decor! 💯🌿: TomCare Solar Torches Lights combine quality construction with a stylish design, making them the ideal decoration for your home. Backed by a warranty, these torches provide both assurance and aesthetic appeal to elevate your outdoor lighting.

Q: How long do these torches illuminate after charging? A: TomCare Solar Torches Lights illuminate for approximately 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after 8 hours of solar charging.

Q: Are these torches suitable for year-round outdoor use? A: Yes, these torches are designed for year-round use with an IP65 waterproof grade, making them resistant to rain, snow, and frost.

Q: How many torches are included in a set? A: The TomCare Solar Torches Lights come in a set of four, providing complete illumination for your garden, patio, or yard.