Submersible LED Lights: Vibrant Ambiance for Pools, Tubs, and More

The 2200mAh rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting illumination for up to 7 nights on a single charge, equivalent to the power of three AAA batteries. The worry of water-related accidents is eliminated by the safe charger and anti-electric shock features.

With 16 colors, adjustable brightness, multiple installation methods, and an upgraded RF remote control, these lights provide endless possibilities for transforming any underwater setting. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a relaxing evening, these submersible lights deliver a magical experience.

Unleash the magic of light in your aquatic spaces with these Submersible LED Lights. Ideal for pools, tubs, ponds, fish tanks, and more, these lights add a vibrant and mesmerizing touch to your underwater environments.

With four installation methods—suspend, sink, wall, and suction cup—these lights provide flexibility for creating stunning ambiance.

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The 16 colors, adjustable brightness, color-changing modes, and timer functions make them perfect for parties, romantic evenings, or simply enhancing the beauty of your aquatic space. Experience the ultimate versatility with Submersible LED Lights.

Eco-Friendly Illumination: Dive into environmentally friendly and responsible lighting with Submersible LED Lights. The 2200mAh rechargeable battery ensures extended usage, lasting up to 7 nights on a single charge. Save money and contribute to a greener planet with each charge, equivalent to the power of three AAA batteries. 💡🌍

Safety First, Water Second: Eliminate worries about water splashing and electrical accidents. The safe charger prevents short-circuits and electrical shocks caused by water ingress. The lights remain safe, even when touched by metal or a child’s finger. The 5V1A charger ensures a quick two-hour full charge, ready to illuminate your underwater space safely. ⚡🌊

Versatile Illumination: With 13 high-quality LED beads, Submersible LED Lights offer 16 colors, 4 brightness levels, 3 color-changing modes, and 3 timer functions. Equipped with suction cups, magnets, and magnet plates, these lights provide four installation methods—suspend, sink, wall, and suction cup. Transform your bathtub, pool, pond, fish tank, or any underwater setting with vibrant and customizable illumination. 🌈🛁

RF Remote Control Advancements: The upgraded RF remote control takes your lighting experience to new depths. Enjoy a long-range control distance of 200ft/61m in the air and 16.4ft/30m underwater. Overcome signal blocking in large pools, deep swimming areas, and even through walls. Change colors or adjust brightness effortlessly with the remote control, making underwater lighting convenient and enjoyable. 🎮🌊

Full Waterproof Assurance: The built-in design of the pool lights, welded ultrasonically, ensures complete waterproofing to meet the IP68 standard. No need for laborious tightening or concerns about seal leakage. Unlike rotating cap-type pool lights, the one-piece IP68 design provides a secure and fully waterproof lighting solution for all your aquatic spaces. 🏊‍♂️💧

Feature Specification
Rechargeable Battery 2200mAh
Lighting Duration Up to 7 nights
Colors 16 colors
Brightness Levels 4 levels
Installation Methods Suspend, sink, wall, suction cup
Remote Control Range 200ft/61m (in air), 16.4ft/30m (underwater)
Safety Features Safe charger, anti-electric shock