Power On-the-Go with 20000mAh LT20PS+ Power Bank: 18W PD USB C Charger for iPhone 11, Samsung S20, and More – 3 Outputs, 3 Inputs for Ultimate Convenience

As a frequent traveler, the LT20PS+ Power Bank has become my reliable companion for staying charged and connected wherever I go. With three versatile inputs—Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C—I enjoy the flexibility to recharge this power bank using any of the widely used cables available.

The three USB outputs are a game-changer, allowing me to charge up to three devices simultaneously at maximum speed. Its 20,000mAh capacity is more than sufficient, providing almost five charges to my iPhone XR or eight full charges to my iPhone 8.

The large LED digital display ensures I’m always aware of the precise battery percentage, and its compact size, comparable to an iPhone X, makes it incredibly easy to carry in hand or slip into my pocket or purse. With the LT20PS+, I stay powered up and ready for any adventure.

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The LT20PS+ Power Bank is your ultimate solution for on-the-go power. Whether you’re a traveler, commuter, or simply need a reliable backup for your devices, this power bank is designed to meet your charging needs.

With three inputs—Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C—you can recharge the power bank using the cable that’s most convenient for you. The three USB outputs allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it a perfect companion for those who carry multiple gadgets.

The 20,000mAh capacity ensures you have enough power for extended journeys, providing almost five charges to your iPhone XR or eight full charges to your iPhone 8.

The large LED digital display keeps you informed about the exact battery percentage, and its compact size, similar to an iPhone X, makes it easy to carry in your hand or pocket. Stay connected and powered with the LT20PS+ wherever life takes you.

Triple Charging Convenience: The LT20PS+ Power Bank boasts three inputs—Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C—ensuring you can recharge your power bank with the cable of your choice. This versatility sets it apart, offering users the ultimate convenience in recharging. ⚡🔌

Simultaneous Charging Powerhouse: With three USB outputs, this power bank enables you to charge up to three devices simultaneously, each at a maximum speed of up to 3 amps. Say goodbye to waiting for one device to charge before moving on to the next. 📱🔋

Ample 20,000mAh Capacity: Enjoy the freedom of extended usage with the LT20PS+. Its 20,000mAh capacity provides almost five charges to an iPhone XR, eight full charges to an iPhone 8, four full charges to a Samsung Galaxy S10, or two full charges to a Nintendo Switch. Never worry about running out of power again. 🚀🔋

Precise Battery Monitoring: The upgraded large LED digital display offers a clear and precise indication of the battery percentage. Stay informed about the remaining power and plan your charging accordingly. 🔍📊

Compact and Portable Design: Measuring at just 5.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches, the LT20PS+ is small enough to fit in your hand, pocket, or purse with ease. Its size, comparable to an iPhone X, ensures you can carry it effortlessly wherever you go. 📏👜

Travel-Friendly: The compact size and lightweight design make this power bank ideal for travelers. Whether you’re commuting, on a road trip, or flying to your next destination, the LT20PS+ is a reliable and portable power solution. 🌍✈️

User-Friendly Operation: The LT20PS+ is designed with user convenience in mind. The three-input system and large LED display make it easy for users to operate and monitor the power bank’s status effortlessly. 🔄👀

Package Inclusions: When you choose the LT20PS+, you get more than just a power bank. The package includes the ROMOSS LT20PS Pro power bank and a user manual. Please note that the charging cable is not included. 📦📚

Feature Specification
Inputs Micro-USB, Lightning, USB Type-C
Outputs 3 USB outputs, max speed up to 3 amps each
Capacity 20,000mAh
Charging Compatibility iPhone 11, Xs Max, iPad Pro, Samsung S20, and more
Display Large LED digital display
Size 5.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches
Weight Compact and lightweight design
Package Inclusions ROMOSS LT20PS Pro power bank, user manual

Power Bank is not just a power solution; it’s a lifestyle companion for those who demand reliability and convenience. With its triple charging convenience, simultaneous charging capabilities, ample 20,000mAh capacity, and compact design, it stands out as a powerhouse for users on the move.

The large LED digital display, user-friendly operation, and travel-friendly design make it the perfect choice for commuters, travelers, and gadget enthusiasts.