Empower Your Devices with 2/3AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries – Perfect for Solar Lights, Cameras, Toys, and More!

Enhance the performance of your solar lights, garden lights, cameras, and various electronic devices with the 2/3AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries.

These batteries, with a diameter similar to AAA batteries but 2/3 of the height, offer a standard charging current of 40mA for 15 hours or a rapid charge current of 400mA for 1.2 hours, ensuring a quick and efficient power solution for your gadgets.

Experience the freedom from memory effect with these 1.2V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries. The 2/3AAA Size and 400mAh capacity, combined with a flat top design, make them versatile for a wide range of applications, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

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🔋 Optimized Charging Options:  Offering both standard and rapid charge options, these batteries provide flexibility for different devices, ensuring optimal charging for varied applications.

🌞 Solar-Powered Brilliance: Perfect for solar lights, these batteries are designed to capture and store sunlight efficiently, providing a reliable and sustainable power source for your outdoor lighting solutions. Enjoy enhanced brightness and prolonged operation with these eco-friendly batteries.

📷 Capture Every Moment: Whether it’s a digital camera, portable video recorder, or remote control, these batteries are your go-to power solution. The 400mAh capacity ensures a long-lasting charge, allowing you to capture and relive every moment without interruptions.

🚀 Rapid Charge Capability: With a rapid charge current of 400mA, these batteries are designed for quick power-ups. Say goodbye to long waiting times, as these batteries offer a swift charging solution, ensuring your devices are ready for action when you need them.

🧸 Uninterrupted Playtime: Ideal for toys, MP3/MP4 players, and other electronic gadgets, these batteries provide a consistent and reliable power source. The 2/3AAA size and 400mAh capacity make them perfect for powering your favorite toys and entertainment devices.

Q: Can these batteries be used in standard AAA-sized devices?

A: No, these are 2/3AAA Size batteries with a flat top, not standard AAA size.

Q: What is the charging time for the rapid charge option?

A: The rapid charge current is 400mA, and it takes approximately 1.2 hours for a full charge.

Feature Specification
Size 2/3AAA
Dimensions 0.41 inch diameter * 1.14 inch height
Capacity 400mAh
Charging Currents Standard: 40mA for 15 hours, Rapid: 400mA for 1.2 hours
Ideal Applications Solar lights, garden lights, cameras, toys, MP3/MP4 players, etc.
Memory Effect No
Design Flat Top
Quantity 4 batteries