Power Up Safely Anywhere with Rechargeable 9V Battery and Charger Set – Ideal for Smoke Alarms, Cameras, Toys, and More

The compatibility with various devices, including smoke detectors and cameras, makes it a versatile choice. The long service life and low self-discharge technology ensure that these batteries are reliable and ready to use whenever needed.

The included smart charger with individual slot LED indicators adds an extra layer of convenience and safety, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable power source.

Rechargeable 9V Battery and Charger Set is the perfect power solution for a range of devices in your home. Use it confidently in smoke alarms for continuous protection, in toys for endless playtime, or in cameras for capturing precious moments.

The set’s convenience is further enhanced by the smart 9V battery charger with individual slot LED indicators, allowing you to charge 1 or 2 batteries independently.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, this set ensures that you always have a reliable power source for your essential devices.

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Widely Compatible: The POWXS rechargeable 9V battery is a perfect fit for various devices, including smoke detectors, walkie-talkies, toys, cameras, and more. Enjoy the convenience of using a single rechargeable battery for multiple applications. 🔄

1300 Cycles & Low Self Discharge: With a remarkable service life, these 9V rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1300 times. The advanced Low Self Discharge Technology ensures that the battery retains 75% capacity even after 3 years of non-use. 🔄

Independent Slot LED Charger: The included smart 9V battery charger is designed to charge 1 or 2 batteries independently. The LED indicators on each slot clearly show the charging process – red for charging and green for fully charged. Stay informed about your battery status at a glance. 🔋

Convenient & Safe Charger: The smart 9V battery charger comes with an international USB cable, allowing you to charge your batteries conveniently anywhere. The Advanced MCU control system and intelligent △V function prevent over-voltage, over-current, and over-heat, ensuring safety during usage. 🌐

Battery and Charger Set: This comprehensive set includes 2 long-lasting rechargeable 9V batteries and a 2-bay smart 9V battery charger. It provides everything you need for a reliable and sustainable power solution for your devices. 🎁

Versatile Applications: Whether it’s powering smoke alarms for continuous safety or cameras for capturing memories, this set is versatile and reliable. Use it in toys for endless playtime or any other 9V-compatible device in your home. 🏡

International USB Cable: The set’s charger comes with an international USB cable, making it easy to charge your batteries wherever you are. Enjoy the flexibility of powering up your batteries with ease, no matter your location. 🌍

Long-Lasting Power: The 280mAh capacity of these rechargeable 9V batteries ensures long-lasting power for your devices. The set is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries, offering a sustainable power solution. 🌱

Feature Details
Compatibility Smoke Alarms, Cameras, Toys, etc.
Cycle Life Up to 1300 cycles
Low Self Discharge 75% capacity after 3 years non-use
Charger Type Smart 9V Battery Charger
Charging Slots 2 independent slots
LED Indicators Red (Charging), Green (Fully Charged)
International USB Cable Yes
Capacity 280mAh