Anker Solar Power Bank – PowerCore Solar 10000: Your Outdoor Companion with Dual USB Ports, Flashlight, and Splashproof Design for Uninterrupted Smartphone Charging

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply enjoying nature, this solar power bank provides a reliable and splashproof solution to keep your smartphones charged and ready for action.

The PowerCore utilizes cutting-edge SunPower monocrystalline panels, boasting high solar efficiency between 21.5-23.5%. Experience faster and more reliable solar charging, ensuring your devices stay powered even in challenging weather conditions.

Efficient Solar Charging for Unpredictable Adventures! ⚡🌲 The Anker PowerCore Solar 10000 stands out with its high solar-efficiency SunPower monocrystalline panels, delivering reliable charging between 21.5-23.5%. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, it ensures your devices stay powered, even in unpredictable weather conditions.

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All-Day Power in Your Pocket! 📱🔋 With a robust 10,000mAh cell capacity and dual USB ports, the PowerCore Solar 10000 provides multiple charges for various devices. Charge your iPhone 11 twice, iPhone XS more than 2.5 times, Samsung Galaxy S10 over twice, or even an iPad mini 5 once. Stay connected throughout your day-long adventures!

Weatherproof Design for Outdoor Resilience! 🌧️💪 The PowerCore Solar 10000 is built to withstand the elements with an IP64 splashproof and dustproof design. Don’t let a sudden rain shower interrupt your outdoor activities; this power bank is your reliable companion for all your adventures.

Illuminate Your Path with the Built-In Flashlight! 🔦✨ The PowerCore Solar 10000 features a convenient built-in flashlight, providing illumination during your outdoor activities. Whether you’re navigating a campsite in the dark or need a handy light source, this power bank has you covered.

Compact and Portable for On-the-Go Charging! 🌍🎒 Weighing in with a compact design, the PowerCore Solar 10000 is easy to carry on all your outdoor escapades. Slip it into your backpack, pocket, or attach it with the included lanyard, ensuring you have reliable power wherever your adventures take you.

Fast-Charging with Micro USB Input! ⚡🔌 For quicker recharges, the PowerCore Solar 10000 features a Micro USB input port. While solar charging is effective, using the Micro USB input ensures a faster recharge, especially when sunlight is scarce.

Stay Connected in Any Weather! 🌦️🔋 The PowerCore Solar 10000 thrives in various weather conditions, making it your reliable power source during all seasons. Don’t let rain, dust, or unpredictable weather interrupt your connectivity; choose a power bank that can keep up with your adventurous spirit.

Comprehensive Package for Immediate Use! 📦🔧 The PowerCore Solar 10000 comes with everything you need: a USB-A to Micro USB cable, lanyard, and a user-friendly welcome guide. It’s a complete package designed to provide immediate power solutions for your outdoor excursions.

Q: Can I rely on the PowerCore Solar 10000 during unexpected rain showers? A: Absolutely! The PowerCore Solar 10000 features an IP64 splashproof and dustproof design, ensuring resilience against unexpected rain showers and other outdoor elements.

Q: How long does it take to charge the power bank using solar panels? A: Solar recharging time can vary due to weather conditions. In optimal conditions, it can take several days. For faster recharges, we recommend using the Micro USB input port.

Q: Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously with the PowerCore Solar 10000? A: Yes! The power bank is equipped with dual USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. It’s a convenient feature for users with multiple devices to keep powered during their outdoor adventures.