Portable Power Station – Unleashing Unmatched Power Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

This portable power station has been my steadfast companion, from camping under the stars to tackling essential tasks off the grid. The 3000 watt-hours of lithium power packed into this compact unit have powered my phone 253 times and kept a full-size refrigerator running for up to 55 hours.

The seven different output ports, including a powerful 2000W AC inverter, make it a versatile powerhouse. Its reliability in various environments, coupled with the user-friendly Yeti App 3.0, truly sets it apart.

Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station is the epitome of innovation and reliability in portable power. Whether you’re embarking on a camping adventure, working on a remote job site, or facing power outages at home, this power station is your ultimate solution.

With seven output ports catering to phones, laptops, medical devices, refrigerators, and power tools, it covers all your power needs. The 2000W AC inverter, an industry leader, can handle anything you’d normally plug into a wall outlet. 🚀

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Control your power usage seamlessly with the Yeti App 3.0, and enjoy the freedom to explore without worrying about power constraints.

Innovative Portable Power: Goal Zero, pioneers in portable energy, introduced the Yeti 3000X, redefining how we use portable power. With 10 years of expertise, this power station is engineered for home, job sites, and off-grid adventures, providing a reliable energy source where you need it most. ⚡🌐

Empowering Human Potential: Beyond innovation, Goal Zero is committed to empowering people and the planet. Their global impact includes reaching over 31,000 individuals through community empowerment and disaster relief projects. Join a movement that values positive impact and sustainability. 🌍🤝

Professional-Grade Power: Built to withstand diverse environments, the Yeti 3000X is field-tested from the Arctic to home use. Boasting seven output ports, including 2000W AC inverter, it can power phones, laptops, refrigerators, medical devices, and more. With 3000 watt-hours of lithium power, it’s a powerhouse in a compact package. 🏞️🔋

Industry-Leading Technology: The 2000W AC inverter stands as the most powerful in its class. Plug in and power anything as if it were from a wall outlet. The Yeti App 3.0 allows remote control and optimization of power usage. The integrated MPPT charge controller increases solar panel recharge efficiency by 30%. 📱💻

Safe and User-Friendly: Prioritizing user safety, the Yeti 3000X comes with multiple layers of protection, including over and under voltage protections, temperature protections, and a robust battery management system. Backed by a 2-year warranty, it ensures peace of mind. Every aspect, from construction to the user interface, is designed for ease of use. 🛡️🤲

Feature Specification
Power Capacity 2982Wh
Output Ports 2 USB-A, 18W USB-C, 60W USB-C PD, 6mm, 12V, 12V Power Port, 2 120V AC Inverter
Inverter Power 2000W
MPPT Charge Controller Yes (30% increased efficiency with solar panel recharge)
User Control Yeti App 3.0 (Remote control and power optimization)
Safety Features Over/Under Voltage Protections, Temperature Protections, Battery Management System
Warranty 2-year manufacturer warranty

Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station from Goal Zero is a revolutionary solution for anyone seeking reliable, portable power. Its innovative design, professional-grade power output, and industry-leading technology make it a standout choice for various applications.

With a commitment to empowering humanity and the planet, Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000X is more than just a power station; it’s a partner in your journey. Choose the Yeti 3000X for an unparalleled portable power experience that brings freedom and sustainability to your adventures.