Unlimited Power on the Go with EcoFlow RIVER 600 – Portable Power Station and Extra Battery Bundle, Enhanced by 110W Solar Panel

The X-Stream Fast Charging technology is a game-changer, bringing the power station from 0-80% in just one hour. With a quiet charging option accessible through the EcoFlow app, it’s the epitome of convenience.

The additional 1800W output from the X-Boost technology ensures I can power essential appliances and tools with ease, making it an indispensable companion for camping, emergencies, and even DIY projects.

RIVER 600, coupled with the Extra Battery and 110W Solar Panel, creates the ultimate portable power solution.

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Whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures, need a reliable power source for indoor use, or preparing for unexpected emergencies, this bundle is your power lifeline. The modular design allows customization, and with the Extra Battery, you can double the capacity for extended power.

The solar recharge option ensures sustainability, making it perfect for off-grid living or situations where power outlets are scarce.

X-Stream Fast Charging: EcoFlow’s cutting-edge X-Stream technology recharges the RIVER 600 from 0-80% within one hour, providing one of the fastest recharging rates available. 🚀🔋

Quiet Charging Option: Manage the charging process seamlessly with the EcoFlow app, enabling a quiet charging mode for a more peaceful charging experience. 🤫📱

X-Boost Technology: With an enhanced AC output of 1800W, the RIVER 600 can power up to 80% of essential devices, including kitchen appliances, home electronics, and DIY tools. 💻🔌

Modular Design: The RIVER 600’s modular design allows customization with the addition of an Extra Battery. Doubling the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh provides the flexibility to tailor the power station to your specific needs. 🔄🔋

Solar Recharge Capability: The RIVER 600 MAX can be fully recharged from solar panels in 6-12 hours, depending on sunlight conditions. The MPPT Controller ensures a quick recharge rate with a 10-25V/12A max input. 🌞🔋

Bundle Inclusions: The RIVER 600 EXTRA BATTERY with 110W Solar Panel Bundle offers a comprehensive solution, including all necessary cables and adapters for a seamless and efficient power setup. 📦🔌

Portable Power Solution: This bundle creates a portable solar power generator, providing reliable power for outdoor adventures, indoor use, and emergency situations. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and store. 🏞️🏡

Versatility: Whether you’re camping, dealing with a power outage, or simply need a convenient power source, the RIVER 600 bundle covers all bases, offering versatility and peace of mind. ⚡🔄

Feature Specification
Fast Charging Technology X-Stream (0-80% in one hour)
AC Output X-Boost enhanced to 1800W
Modular Design Supports Extra Battery for capacity customization
Solar Recharge Time 6-12 hours with 110W Solar Panel
Solar Input MPPT Controller with 10-25V/12A max input
Bundle Inclusions RIVER 600, Extra Battery, 110W Solar Panel, MC4 to XT60 Solar Cable, and adapters
Portable Power Solution Ideal for outdoor adventures, indoor use, and emergencies