Laptop Power with KingSener New BTY-S14 Battery: Reliable Energy Boost for MSI GE Series, CR Series, and More

This battery is a powerhouse, providing a reliable and long-lasting energy boost for my MSI laptop.

Whether I’m immersed in gaming sessions or handling demanding tasks, the BTY-S14 ensures that my laptop stays charged and ready. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone seeking a dependable and high-capacity laptop battery.

The KingSener New BTY-S14 Laptop Battery is the ultimate solution for MSI laptop users who crave uninterrupted power. Ideal for gamers, professionals, and students, this battery delivers an energy boost that enhances the laptop’s performance.

Whether you’re on the go or engaged in intensive tasks, the BTY-S14 ensures your MSI laptop stays powered, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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High-Capacity Performance: 🔋 The BTY-S14 Laptop Battery offers two powerful capacity options, 4400mAh/49WH and 6800mAh/75WH. This high-capacity performance ensures extended usage time and reduced dependence on frequent recharging. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and embrace a laptop that keeps up with your lifestyle.

Top-Quality Li-ion Cells: 🌐 Engineered with Li-ion cells made in Korea and Japan, the BTY-S14 guarantees top-notch quality and performance. These cells are the backbone of the battery’s reliability, providing a consistent and efficient power supply. Users can trust in the durability and longevity of this replacement battery.

Stylish in Black: 🖤 The BTY-S14 Laptop Battery comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of style to your MSI laptop. The elegant design complements the laptop’s aesthetics, ensuring that functionality meets fashion. Upgrade not only your laptop’s power but also its visual appeal.

Direct Replacement Compatibility: 🔄 Designed as a direct replacement, the BTY-S14 is compatible with various MSI laptop models, including GE70, GE60, FX720, GE620, GE620DX, GE70 A6500, CR41, CR61, FR720, CX70, and FX700. Users can easily switch to this battery without worrying about compatibility issues.

100% Brand New with Warranty: 🆕 Purchase with confidence, knowing that the BTY-S14 Laptop Battery is 100% brand new and backed by a 2-year warranty. This commitment to quality reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in delivering a reliable and durable product.

Replacement Part Numbers: 🔄 The BTY-S14 is a replacement for BTY-S14 and BTY-S15, making it a versatile choice for users seeking an alternative battery solution. This compatibility ensures a seamless transition, allowing users to enjoy enhanced performance without any hassle.

Compatibility with MSI Models: 💻 The BTY-S14 Laptop Battery is compatible with a wide range of MSI laptop models, including CR650, CX650, FR400, FR600, FR610, FR620, FX400, FX420, FX600, FX603, FX610, FX620, FX620DX, FX700, FX720, E620, GE620DX, GE70, GE60, CX70, A6500, CR41, CR61, CR70, CX41, and CX61.

Made for Various Medion Models: 🌐 Beyond MSI laptops, the BTY-S14 also caters to Medion users, offering compatibility with models such as Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97107), Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97164), Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97295), Akoya Mini E1312, Akoya Mini E1315, MD97125, MD97127, and MD9769.

Specification Details
Capacity 4400mAh/49WH or 6800mAh/75WH
Voltage 11.1V
Battery Type Li-ion
Cell Origin Made in Korea/Japan (Top Quality Guarantee)
Color Black
Condition Replacement Battery (100% Brand New)
Warranty 2 Years
Replacement Part Numbers BTY-S14, BTY-S15
Compatible Laptop Models MSI GE Series, CR Series, and more

The KingSener New BTY-S14 Laptop Battery is a game-changer for MSI laptop users, offering high-capacity performance, top-quality Li-ion cells, and a stylish design in sleek black.

With direct replacement compatibility, a 2-year warranty, and compatibility with various MSI and Medion models, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient laptop power solution.

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China, Russian Federation

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2 Year

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Brand New


Made in Korea/Japan





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6800MAh, 4400MAh

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6 Cells

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