Harness the Sun’s Energy with ECO-WORTHY 195W Solar Deep Well Water Pump for All Your Agricultural Needs

Elevate your irrigation, farming, and ranching game with the ECO-WORTHY 195W 12V DC Solar Deep Well Water Pump system. This all-inclusive kit features a 195W solar panel, a 12V deep well pump, a 20A charge controller, and a pair of 16ft solar cables, offering a robust and sustainable solution for remote watering needs. With this solar-powered water pump, you can enjoy the benefits of a consistent water supply without relying on electricity.

🌞 Solar-Powered Water Pump: The heart of this system is a powerful 195W solar panel that harnesses the sun’s energy to efficiently pump water. Say goodbye to electricity bills and embrace renewable energy for all your water pumping needs.

πŸ’§ High Flow Rate: The 12V solar well pump boasts an impressive flow rate of 360 liters per hour (96 gallons per hour) or 6 liters per minute (1.6 gallons per minute). It can reach a maximum lift height of 230 feet (70 meters), making it perfect for 4″ wells or larger.

🌾 Versatile Applications: The ECO-WORTHY solar well pump system offers a versatile and eco-friendly solution for remote watering needs. Whether you need to irrigate your garden, water your farm, or fill tanks in a location without electricity, this system has you covered.

🌍 Non-Geographic Restrictions: Break free from geographic constraints with this solar water pump system. It pumps water whenever and wherever you need it. With one-time charging, it can run for over 4 hours, powered by solar panels that reduce consumption and promote energy conservation.


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βš™οΈ Complete Kit: This kit includes everything you need for a hassle-free installation. The 195W solar panel, deep well pump, charge controller, and solar cables are all included, ensuring you have all the components required for an efficient water supply system.

🌱 Promote Sustainable Agriculture: By utilizing solar power for your water pumping needs, you’re contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices. Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a greener approach to farming and irrigation.

πŸ”§ Easy Installation: The ECO-WORTHY solar water pump system is designed for easy installation. You don’t need to be an expert to set it up. The provided components and clear instructions make installation a breeze.

πŸ“ˆ Long-Term Savings: This solar water pump system not only benefits the environment but also your wallet. With no electricity costs and minimal maintenance, you’ll enjoy long-term savings while ensuring a continuous water supply for your agricultural activities.

Embrace the power of the sun with the ECO-WORTHY 195W Solar Deep Well Water Pump. It’s the ideal solution for those looking to irrigate their gardens, water their farms, or fill tanks in remote locations. This solar-powered system offers high flow rates, versatile applications, and the freedom to pump water wherever you need it. Plus, it’s a green choice that supports sustainable agriculture while reducing costs. Don’t wait; invest in your agricultural future today with ECO-WORTHY! 🌞🚜

Straightforward to Set UpΒ  – With the 16 toes photo voltaic cables and connectors, simply join the photo voltaic panels to the battery (not included), cost controller and photo voltaic pump.

Please keep away from to make the pump work with out water for a very long time, or its lifespan might be shortened. Clear the pump often.