CR1632 Lithium Batteries – Power Your Devices with Confidence (5-Pack)


CR1632 Lithium Batteries are essential for powering various electronic devices in your daily life. You can use them to replace batteries in your Garmin Vivofit Jr, key fobs, car remote controls, digital thermometers, watches, and many other small electronics. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or at work, these batteries ensure your devices run smoothly without interruptions.

Premium Performance: 🚀 CELEWELL CR1632 batteries are engineered for premium performance, delivering a stable and consistent 3-volt power supply. Say goodbye to weak battery life and frequent replacements.

Long Shelf Life: 📅 These batteries are designed to last. CELEWELL guarantees no leakage for up to 5 years, ensuring they remain fresh and reliable for when you need them. This shelf life surpasses most ordinary batteries on the market.

Safety Certified: 🛡️ Your safety matters. CELEWELL CR1632 batteries are certified to meet ISO9001, UL, CE, RoHS, and UN38.3 safety standards. You can trust that these batteries are manufactured with the highest safety and quality in mind.

HIGH CAPACITY,MORE DURABLE – CELEWELL has specialised in manufacturing batteries for 16 years. As a result of using the most effective supplies, the manufacturing course of is extra refined. CELEWELL has developed the best precise capability 130mAh for CR1632 batteries (All fashions of CELEWELL have the indicated capability on the cardboard, Most of manufacturers available on the market haven’t any capability indicated on the cardboard.They’re additionally write digital excessive capability when describing product info. )

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Value Pack: 💰 This package includes five CR1632 lithium batteries, providing excellent value for your money. With multiple batteries on hand, you’ll always have a spare when you need it.

Wide Compatibility: 📱 These batteries are versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices, making them suitable for various applications, from fitness trackers to car key fobs.

Reliable Power: 🔋 CELEWELL batteries offer reliable and consistent power output, ensuring that your devices function optimally. Say goodbye to sudden power drops and device malfunctions.

Easy Installation: 🛠️ Replacing batteries is hassle-free. Just open the battery compartment of your device, remove the old battery, and insert a CELEWELL CR1632 battery. It’s a simple and quick process.

Brand Warranty: 🌟 CELEWELL is a trusted brand known for producing high-quality batteries worldwide. Backed by a 5-year brand warranty, you can purchase with confidence, knowing that CELEWELL stands behind its products.

Clearly Marked Dates: 🗓️ Each battery card package is marked with the manufacturing date and warranty date. This transparency ensures that you always know the freshness and warranty status of your batteries.

CELEWELL CR1632 Lithium Batteries are the epitome of reliable and long-lasting power sources. With premium performance, a long shelf life, and multiple safety certifications, these batteries outshine the competition. This value pack of five ensures you’re well-prepared for any battery replacement needs. Whether you’re using them in your Garmin Vivofit Jr, key fobs, or various other devices, CELEWELL batteries provide dependable and consistent power. Plus, with a 5-year brand warranty, CELEWELL aims to keep you satisfied and worry-free. Elevate your device performance and trust in CELEWELL to power your daily life. 🔋📱💼

MULTIPLE COMPATIBILITY: Suitable with BR1632,CR 1632, DL1632, ECR1632, KCR1632, LM1632 , as CR1632 means battery dimensions diameter 16mm and peak 3.2mm.

APPLICABLE DEVICES: Splendid for toyota Prius Lexus automobile key fob distant, Garmin Vivofit, polar watch, LED flashlight ,LED studying glasses, storage door openers, smoke detectors, tire stress monitoring system and so forth.