Power Your Devices Anywhere with Rechargeable 9V Batteries – 650mAh Lithium-ion (4 Pack) and Fast Charge Micro USB Port

With approximately 1000 cycles of use, these batteries are a sustainable alternative to disposable options.

The inclusion of a fast charge micro USB port allows for easy charging via power banks or wall chargers. Ideal for a range of devices, from remote control toys to professional audio equipment, these rechargeable batteries offer consistent and long-lasting power.

Rechargeable 9V Batteries are designed for a multitude of applications, making them versatile for various devices. Whether it’s powering remote control toys, professional audio equipment, smoke alarms, electric guitars, or medical devices, these batteries excel.

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The fast charge micro USB port ensures convenient charging, making them perfect for on-the-go use. Replace disposable batteries with this sustainable and efficient power solution.

Long Cycle Life: With approximately 1000 cycles of use, these rechargeable 9V batteries provide a sustainable and long-lasting power solution. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and embrace a more eco-friendly option. 🔄

Fast Charge Micro USB Port: The inclusion of a fast charge micro USB port allows for convenient charging through power banks or wall chargers. Charge these batteries quickly and efficiently, ensuring your devices are always ready for use. 🔋🔌

Versatile Applications: These batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications, including remote control toys, professional audio equipment, wireless microphones, smoke alarms, electric guitars, metal detectors, multi-meters, and medical devices. Their versatility makes them a reliable choice for various devices. 🎮🎤🚨

Package Inclusions: The comprehensive package includes a set of 4 rechargeable 9V batteries. Each battery has low self-discharge, ensuring that they maintain their charge even when not in use. The package is designed for high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection. 📦🌱

High Efficiency: These rechargeable batteries boast high efficiency, providing consistent power for your devices. Experience reliable and stable performance, whether you’re powering professional audio equipment during a performance or ensuring your smoke alarms stay operational. 💡🎸

Energy Saving: The energy-saving design of these batteries contributes to a longer cycle life and more efficient power usage. Save energy and reduce waste by choosing these rechargeable 9V batteries for your devices. 🌍💡

Environment Protection: Embrace a more environmentally friendly option with these rechargeable batteries. Reduce your carbon footprint by opting for a rechargeable solution instead of disposable batteries. Contribute to a healthier planet while enjoying reliable power. 🌿🔋

Equivalent Voltage to Alkaline: With a voltage of 8.4-6V, these lithium-ion batteries are equivalent to 9V alkaline batteries when fully charged. Experience the same power output as traditional alkaline batteries with the added benefit of reusability. ⚡🔄

Feature Details
Cycle Life Approximately 1000 cycles
Charge Port Fast Charge Micro USB Port
Versatility Remote Control Toys, Professional Audio, Smoke Alarms
Package Contents 4 Rechargeable 9V Batteries
Low Self-Discharge Yes
High Efficiency Yes
Energy Saving Yes
Environment Protection Yes
Equivalent Voltage to Alkaline 8.4-6V (Same as 9V Alkaline)