Mr. Beams MB726 Motion-Sensing LED Nightlights – Bright Security Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Use (Set of 6)

The super-bright LED bulbs illuminate my surroundings, covering up to 10 sq. ft with each light.

The combination of a motion sensor and light sensor ensures these lights activate only in the dark and when motion is detected, providing hands-free, instant nighttime lighting. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these wireless lights are easy to install, requiring just four AA batteries per light.

With a durable design and auto-shutoff after 30 seconds of no motion, these nightlights offer reliable and energy-efficient security for any home.

The Mr. Beams MB726 Motion-Sensing LED Nightlights are best suited for enhancing home security effortlessly. Install them in key areas both indoors and outdoors, such as hallways, staircases, entryways, or patios.

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The motion sensor, with a range of up to 15 feet and a detection angle of 120 degrees, ensures the lights activate precisely when needed, providing instant illumination and deterring potential intruders.

With an easy wireless installation process and auto-shutoff after 30 seconds of no motion, these nightlights are perfect for hands-free, worry-free, and energy-efficient nighttime lighting.”

Powerful Illumination: Emitting 20 lumens, each Mr. Beams MB726 light covers up to 10 sq. ft, providing powerful and bright illumination for enhanced visibility and safety. The super-bright LED bulbs are designed to last up to 50,000 hours, ensuring long-term reliability. 💡

Efficient Motion Sensor: The sophisticated motion sensor technology activates the lights when motion is detected within a 15-foot range and a 120-degree angle. This ensures that the lights only turn on when needed, optimizing energy usage and enhancing security. 🚨

Wireless and Easy Installation: With a wireless setup that takes less than 5 minutes, these lights are quick and easy to install. The package includes double-sided adhesive or mounting hardware for versatile installation options, requiring no electrician. ⚡

Long Battery Life: Powered by four AA-cell batteries per light (not included), the Mr. Beams MB726 offers approximately 1 year of light with regular use of 8 activations per night. This long battery life ensures extended, reliable performance for enhanced home security. 🕰️

Versatile Usage: Whether used indoors or outdoors, these motion-sensing LED nightlights are versatile and mighty bright. Illuminate dark corners, pathways, or entry points to increase safety and create a well-lit environment. 🏡

Auto Shut-Off Feature: The lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds of no motion, conserving energy and providing an efficient solution for hands-free lighting. This feature ensures the lights are active only when needed, maximizing battery life. 🔄

Enhanced Safety and Security: Mr. Beams MB726 lights provide instant hands-free lighting, contributing to increased home safety and security. The motion-activated illumination deters potential threats and offers peace of mind for homeowners. 🏠

Durable and Compact Design: Measuring 1.2-inch long by 3.75-inch wide by 3.25-inch tall, each light features a compact design that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The white color complements any decor, making these lights a functional and stylish addition to your home. 🛡️

Feature Specification
Lumens 20
Motion Sensor Range Up to 15 feet
Detection Angle 120 degrees
LED Bulb Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours
Battery Requirement 4 AA-cell batteries per light (not included)
Auto Shut-Off Time 30 seconds
Installation Options Wireless with adhesive or mounting hardware
Coverage Area Up to 10 sq. ft per light