Acer Aspire Laptop with a High-Performance Replacement Battery – Compatible with Various Models

The new Acer Aspire Replacement Battery has truly transformed my laptop experience. No more worries about finding power outlets or dealing with a dying battery.

The easy installation process and extended usage time make it an absolute game-changer. A must-have for anyone looking to revive their laptop.

The Acer Aspire Replacement Battery is designed for users seeking an efficient and reliable power solution for their laptops.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, this battery ensures uninterrupted laptop usage. It’s the perfect companion for work, study, or leisure, offering enhanced mobility and flexibility.

Quality Assurance: This replacement battery is meticulously manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, providing users with a product that prioritizes safety, reliability, and optimal performance. Rigorous testing ensures its quality and compatibility with a wide range of Acer laptops. 🛡️

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Brand New Reliability: Users can expect a brand-new replacement battery, guaranteeing dependable and efficient power for their Acer laptops. Experience improved laptop performance with a reliable power source that meets your expectations. 🔄

Easy Installation: Replacing your laptop battery has never been easier. The straightforward installation process eliminates the need for professional assistance, providing users with the convenience of upgrading their laptop’s power source without any hassle. 🛠️

Wide Compatibility: The replacement battery is compatible with various Acer Aspire models, including Aspire 4250, 4743, 5551, 5742, 5750, and many more. The extensive compatibility list ensures that this battery is suitable for a broad range of laptops. 🌐

Replaceable Part Numbers: Users can replace their worn-out batteries effortlessly with compatibility extending to part numbers such as AS10D31, BT.00603.111, LC.BTP00.123, and many more. Enjoy a seamless replacement process with these easily replaceable part numbers. 🔄

Extended Usage Time: Enjoy longer usage periods with the enhanced capacity of this replacement battery. Whether you’re working, studying, browsing the web, or streaming content, this battery provides extended usage time without the need for frequent recharging. ⏰

Restored Battery Life: If your current laptop battery struggles to hold a charge or has significantly reduced battery life, replacing it with this high-quality battery can restore your laptop’s mobility. Experience restored battery life and improved overall performance. 🔄

Use Manual for Optimal Performance: The use manual provides essential instructions for maximizing the battery’s performance. Tips include full charge/discharge cycles, periodic full charge/discharge, and removing the battery during extended periods of non-use. Follow these guidelines to ensure optimal battery service life. 📚

Feature Specification
Quality Assurance Meets or exceeds industry standards
Brand New Reliability Yes
Easy Installation Yes
Compatibility Acer Aspire 4250, 4743, 5551, 5742, 5750, and more
Replaceable Part Numbers AS10D31, BT.00603.111, LC.BTP00.123, and more
Extended Usage Time Yes
Restored Battery Life Yes
Enhanced Capacity Yes
Use Manual Included for optimal performance

Additional information

Brand Name








Model Number

For Acer Aspire 5336 5342 5349 5551 5560G 5733 5733Z

Battery Cells

6 Cells

Compatible Brand


Battery Voltage





Brand New





Label Capacity


Battery Capacity



2 years

Actual Capacity