8xAA 8xAAA Rechargeable Batteries Low Self Discharge

Tenergy Centura Low Self Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Battery Combo, Contains 8xAA 8xAAA Rechargeable Batteries, 16 Pack


  • Lengthy lasting energy – Tenergy’s Centura rechargeable AA and AAA batteries combo pack gives the perfect long run efficiency. Generate power financial savings by switching from alkaline family AA batteries and AAA batteries to rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.
  • Low self-discharge – These AAA and AA measurement batteries expertise considerably low energy loss when correctly saved and unused. In contrast to typical NiMH batteries, Centura low self-discharge double A and triple A battery can retain as much as 85% of capability even when saved for 1 12 months!
  • Prolonged cycle life – Rechargeable as much as 2,100 occasions with out vital capability misplaced. Tenergy’s Centura rechargeable NiMH double a batteries and triple a batteries will work like new even after a 12 months of each day utilization.
  • Cash saving eco-friendly – Being one of the crucial cost-effective batteries, the Tenergy rechargeable NiMH AA batteries and triple AAA batteries pays for themselves after 10 cycles. Keep away from losing money and time on the disposable alkaline batteries and exchange them with our rechargeable 1.2V AA battery and AAA battery to lower the waste disposables go away behind.


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