Your Powerhouse On-The-Go – 20000mAh PD Quick Charging Portable Charger

Power up your devices on the move with the TOZO PB2 PD Quick Charging Power Bank. With a powerful 18W PD output, it delivers exhilarating charging speeds.

This portable charger is your perfect companion for business trips and travel. Keep your iPhone, Samsung, or any other device charged and ready, worry-free about low battery issues.

The visible digital display lets you monitor the power percentage and charging status, ensuring you’re always in the know about your power bank’s status.

With a massive 20000mAh capacity, the TOZO PB2 can fully charge your iPhone 11 up to six times, iPhone 8 six times, iPhone SE eight times, or Samsung S10 four times. Never stress about running out of battery again, whether you’re on a business call or exploring a new city.

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Swift Charging for Modern Lifestyles! 🚀🔋: Experience lightning-fast charging with the TOZO PB2 PD Quick Charging Power Bank. Its 18W PD output ensures rapid charging, and with the latest PD cable compatible with iPhones, you can bring your device back to 50% in just 30 minutes. Keep up with the pace of modern life.

Visual Power at Your Fingertips! 👀🔋: The TOZO PB2 features a visible digital display, providing real-time information on power percentage and charging status. The convenience of knowing your power bank’s state enhances your overall charging experience.

Power That Goes the Extra Mile! 🌐⚡: With a whopping 20000mAh capacity, this power bank ensures you’re equipped for the long haul. Fully charge your iPhone multiple times, making it an ideal companion for business trips, travel, or daily use.

Safety First, Always! 🛡️🔒: Crafted with high-quality Li-ion battery cells, the TOZO PB2 prioritizes safety and reliability. Built-in protection mechanisms guard against excessive power, overheating, overcharging, and short circuits, ensuring your devices stay safe during every charge.

Universally Compatible! 🔄📱: The TOZO PB2 is suitable for all phones and tablets. The package includes a Type-C cable for charging the power bank and some Android phones. Enjoy the convenience of fast charging for all your devices.

Dual Input Ports for Flexibility! 🔄🔌: With dual input ports, the TOZO PB2 offers flexibility in recharging. Whether you have a Type-C or Micro USB cable, you can easily replenish the power bank, ensuring it’s always ready for your next adventure.

Efficient Business Travel Companion! 🌍✈️: For business travelers, the TOZO PB2 is a reliable companion. Its high capacity and rapid charging capabilities eliminate concerns about staying connected, allowing you to focus on your work rather than your device’s battery.

Stay Informed, Stay Charged! 📊🔋: The TOZO PB2’s digital display keeps you informed about the power bank’s status, so you’re never caught off guard. Stay charged, stay connected, and stay in control with this versatile and efficient portable charger.

Q: How many times can the TOZO PB2 charge an iPhone 11? A: The TOZO PB2 can fully charge an iPhone 11 up to six times with its impressive 20000mAh capacity.

Q: Is the TOZO PB2 compatible with all devices? A: Yes, the TOZO PB2 is suitable for all phones and tablets, ensuring universal compatibility for your charging needs.

Q: Can I charge the TOZO PB2 with different cables? A: Absolutely! The TOZO PB2 features dual input ports, accommodating both Type-C and Micro USB cables for convenient recharging.