Car Battery Health Load Tester: Your Key to Reliable Vehicle Performance

Professional-Grade Reliability: Whether you’re in the business of battery sales, automotive repair, or simply want to keep tabs on your vehicle’s battery health, this tester is an invaluable companion. It ensures that your battery-related decisions are based on accurate data, saving you time and money in the long run.

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns: By regularly using this Car Battery Health Load Tester, you can proactively identify potential battery issues before they lead to unexpected breakdowns. This means greater peace of mind and improved vehicle reliability.

Efficient Performance: Thanks to its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, this tester allows you to work more efficiently. You’ll spend less time diagnosing battery problems and more time taking action to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a 12V or 24V battery system, this tester has you covered. It’s a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from cars to trucks.

Makes use of 4-wire Kelvin method to complete the gathering of a group of adverse data for calculating every testing data with a build-in precise circuit and improved digital processor.

Moreover, some circuit enhancements along with polar reversal security, over-voltage enter security, and unfastened lead detection. assure safety and luxury all through testing.

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This Car Battery Health Load Tester is a versatile tool designed to assess the condition of both 12V and 24V lead-acid starting batteries, as well as the cranking and charging systems of your vehicle. With this tester in hand, you can confidently diagnose and maintain your vehicle’s battery health.

Clear and Informative Display: Featuring a large 3.2-inch color LCD display, this tester provides you with easy-to-read results and data. You can quickly assess the health of your battery and related systems. The touch-tone functionality makes navigation and operation a breeze.

Investing in the “Car Battery Health Load Tester” is a smart choice for anyone who values vehicle reliability and wants to avoid unexpected battery-related issues. With its comprehensive testing capabilities, clear display, and professional-grade reliability, it’s the go-to tool for ensuring your vehicle’s battery and charging system are in top-notch condition.

Supported 15 Languages:

Chinese language language, English, Deutsch, Italiano, Le Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Magyar, Polski, Slovenskeho, Cesky, Pyccknn, Nederlands, Svenska, Japanese

Three Most important Check out Devices:

  • Battery Functionality Check out
  • Cranking Check out
  • Value System Check out
  • Data Overview

Helpful Demonstration:

  • Battery Functionality Check out
  • Cranking Check out
  • Value System Check out
  • Data Overview
  • Time Modify
  • 15 Language Set

10 Testing Necessities Embrace Presently The World’s Majority of Battery Necessities:


Product Particulars:

  • Exams All 12V 24V Automotive Batteries
  • Car, Vans, Boat, Light Truck, Bike
  • 145mm * 65mm * 23mm (5.10inch * 2.56inch * 0.91inch)

Packing Report:

  • 1x DUOYI DY222 Car Battery Load Tester
  • 2x Full copper core kelvin clip
  • Handbook .